So my husband took today off. He has some vacation to burn, and a long weekend is always good, right? Doesn’t hurt that it’s Halloween, and he gets to stay up late and watch his favorite Halloween shows. Lots of fun.

(At least until we start thinking, lol)

Today, we’re sitting together, watching a horror movie marathon. Rob Zombie’s updated versions of Halloween, as a matter of fact.

And all we do is look at each other and ask “how in the F*** is it possible for there to be no one working at a hospital but two people?”

And on and on, we go as we watch the movie.

I can’t help wondering if we’re almost getting too old to really enjoy true horror movies.

Or maybe we’re just so used to and always expecting understandable, detailed plots that these mindless movies seem stupid?

Regardless, we’re enjoying.

I hope you and yours enjoy the holiday, and have a wonderful, spooky, and hopefully fun night.

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