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My very first real, full sized Christmas tree was a hand-me-down from a girlfriend who’d gotten a new artificial tree, and didn’t need it anymore.
I was very excited to get it, because, hey I’d priced trees, and they were NOT cheap. Granted, the beauty of the artificial tree is that you have it for years, (or in my family’s case, decades), and you only have to buy it once. But still, they weren’t cheap.
Yes, this is my tree.
As excited as I was to get this tree, I realized, I didn’t have any decorations for it, and I’d have to buy all new. (Nowadays, I’d be thrilled at this prospect, because, well SHOPPING! But then, not so much.) This was a few months before Christmas, so I knew the only place that would have Christmas decorations out would be Hobby Lobby, and they were pricy for their decorations.
So I didn’t know what I would do. As it got closer to Christmas, I found some cheap bulbs at Wal-mart, and a couple of strings of twinkle lights. Oh, and the tinsel. Can’t forget the tinsel.
Anyway, I put the tree up after Thanksgiving–this was when I was dating my husband, but we weren’t married yet–and stared at my pretty much bare tree, thinking “Where would I get more stuff?”
Grandma Jane to the rescue. She heard about my lack of ornaments, and that just certainly wasn’t going to do. So she gave me a box full of pretties–little ornaments for the 12 Days of Christmas, little snowmen that she’d made, other little porcelain figurines and a topper–one of those 1970’s circular toppers with the lights around the edges and a single candle in the center.
With Bob’s help, I managed to hook it into my tree lights, and let me say, it looked quite awesome.
So awesome, that I use that topper, even if it’s as old as I am, every single year.
It makes the tree.
What about you? Are you a real tree person, or do you do the artificial tree?

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