I imagine a lot of you have now heard about Samhain Publishing deciding to close their doors.

I learned about the closing on Friday, with everyone else in the company, when I received an email from the company leader, Chrissy Brashear.

And when I opened the email at around 3pm, I would have probably opened a bottle of wine, but I had to work the day (or evening, as it was) job. Any freaking out/worry/panic would have to come later, after I went to work.

And believe me, it did come.
Like a lot of authors, I wondered what this would do to me. To all my books at Samhain. I had been putting a lot of effort since 2013 to build my backlist there.

I had published 2 books with them a while back–Fantasy Girl and The Reluctant Prince, back in 2008 and 2010.

I went back in 2013, with the Guys and Godmothers series, and those spun off into the Mythicals series, and later it tied into the Mythical Knights.

I also re-released Mission of Christmas there.

And I started to write and do some self-publishing as well, with the intent of bolstering my backlist, so you all readers would have more and more stories to snag and love, whether they be paranormal romances or contemporary romances.

I had plans for releasing more books with Samhain Publishing. I had spoken extensively with my editor about my release schedule and what was coming next.

But neither of us saw Samhain Publishing closing its doors.
To say I was gobsmacked was a bit of an understatement.

The one thing I didn’t do was cry when I read the news. I felt sick to my stomach, and before I could lose my mind, I shut down my emotions, and started analyzing what was said.

Because I had two books slated to release in the coming months

Darkest Judgment is scheduled for release in April of 2016.

Fantasy Girl‘s rebranding (meaning it was reworked, re-edited, and a new cover made–it’s a much better story than the original,) is slated for July of 2016.

And as 
these books will be released on schedule. 

Whether they will be in print, I am not certain–they are both supposed to be in print.

As far as anything regarding these books go, or any of my already published titles with Samhain, I don’t know what will happen. I have always felt that Samhain was honorable–that they would do right by authors.

They have always done right by me. 

Some have tossed around out there that the company has been lying through their teeth on the state of their business. Of course, those same people are the ones who have always bashed any particular company when it fails. We all know those “friends.”

I am not listening to those people, because that kind of bullshit-panic enducing-mob mentality has no place in my head.

My titles with Samhain will remain published with them until I get the rights back. When I do, I hope to turn them around and put them back up as soon as I possibly can. I am going to do everything in my power to have the least amount of time between Samhain taking them down and me putting them back up.


Do I feel worried or concerned? Sure. Who wouldn’t? 
I can only hold on and see.


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