It surprises me every year, when I start realizing how many friends I have around me, people who care about me, and for, in my opinion, no particular reason at all. 

I don’t say that to be weird, or mean. I just don’t see myself as someone who is deserving…

No, that’s not the right word. 

I don’t look for it, so I don’t expect to be appreciated. Does that make sense? I don’t do things for others, looking for recognition. I don’t ask for appreciation for holding open a door for someone. If they thank me, fine. If not, it’s still fine. I just did the right thing when I needed to do it. 

I am a helper. I will help people, occasionally I can get bossy about it, but if you ask me something, and I know the answer, I most likely will tell you what you need to do to fix/solve your dilemma. I’ve always been that way.

Some people do think I’m rather bossy about these things, though. Now, ask me if I care. 

“She’ll be a great boss someday”

My grandfather, after hearing me tell my friend that I was playing Barbies, and if she didn’t want to play Barbies too, she could go home. 

Seriously, though. I would never intentionally hurt someone’s feelings. I’m  too considerate to do that. But I’m also too honest to not say what I think. Occasionally, I will stand up for myself, or for my opinion. And I will, usually in a very nice way, call you out on your shit. 

This nicely blunt part of me is always shocked when people tell me things like how much I have helped them with things. Even little things. Things that I didn’t even think I was helping them with. 

If someone asked me how to, for example, change a thing on their website, and I knew how, I’d tell them. Because, well, I don’t understand not helping someone. 

Passing on the knowledge is really the only way to grow. I’ve been blessed with some amazing help in my life. It’s only right that I share what I know. I want to grow. And I think others do too. 

And when I’m told that I’m appreciated, it both shocks and awes me, simply because I don’t expect it. 

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