It’s coming!

New Years Eve!

Where everyone, around the world, celebrates the start of a new calendar year–where we set new goals for ourselves in an attempt to have a better year than last year. To make our lives better, to do better at our jobs, to get into shape, all those wonderful resolutions that motivate us to get through the first few months of the year.

And, if you’re like me, these things start off with all the best intentions, and wind up, by about March, being thrown by the wayside, (especially anything that will deprive me of my chocolate).

I make lofty goals–last year, I was bound and determined to get 6 books written this year.


That’s a LOT of work. Especially for someone like me who usually averages 1-2 finished books a year.

Have I hit my mark? Well, I’m close.

It’s Sunday. I have 2 more days.

I might be able to pull it off, if I barricade myself at my desk and not speak to my family for the next 60 hours.

We shall see…

So far, what have I written this year? (If it’s not sold, I won’t list the name, because it’s bad luck to me. I know, silly, but it’s a weird thing about me)

1. Paranormal Romance (A new time travel project)
2. Mission of Christmas
3. Before His Eyes (Guys and Godmothers 2)
4. Just His Taste (Guys and Godmothers 3)

I see space for two more there, and what with the whole 60 hours until New Year’s day, it might be interesting to see if I actually make my mark of 6 books finished this year. So what kind of unfinished work do I have?

Unfinished projects from this year:

1. Paranormal Romance (From the Guys and Godmothers World)
2. Paranormal Romance (A revamping of an old series)
3. Fairy Tale Romance (This is more an editing job than actual, full-on writing, though.)

Other projects already on my agenda for next year?

1. Paranormal Romance (Old series revamp–should be very quick to do the work)
2. Paranormal Romance (Old series revamp–should be very quick to update)
*3. Paranormal Romance (Goes along with the time travel book mentioned above)
*4. Scifi (mostly) Romance (Book one in a new series. New world. New spin. All kinds of stuff.)
*5. Fairy Tale Romance (Ties into the one above)
*6. Contemporary Romance (Maybe… Not sure yet if I will do this one)

*All these are full on, brand new books that haven’t been written, or maybe slightly started in the past, a little world-building, that kind of thing.

At least, this is a pretty accurate look at my schedule for the next year. It will change, though. It usually does over the course of the year. For example, the Paranormal book that I have listed as “unfinished” in the Guys and Godmothers world wasn’t even a blip in my brain when last year started.

Is it done? Not yet, but I hope to finish it up in a few months. Maybe in between the books I want to revamp…

We shall see.

So, with all this work I have to do, I had better get cracking.. Those words won’t write themselves. 🙂

What do you have going on for New Years Eve?

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