That means exactly what you think it means. I finished book 3 in the Guys and Godmothers series, and sent it off last week. And I finished edits of book 2 in the Guys and Godmothers series.

It’s a good feeling to finish off a series. There  is potential for at least one more story, but I’m not going to commit to that just yet.

And it is a time to celebrate, to be happy that I finished off the book and the series.

But it leaves me in such an odd place now. I know I’ve tooted about wanting to get two more books done this year, and I very much want to do that.

However, I find myself now, in this weird “Okay, where do I go from here?”

I have multiple projects I could work on. Some started, some just need rewritten, some are whole new projects not yet attempted. Some fill out series. Others are a whole new world that feels like a massive undertaking that could make my little writer’s brain explode.

Yet, while I’ve looked at several of these projects, I have yet to “feel the groove” of any particular one.

That’s part of the “pantser” in me, that need to “feel the groove” of the story I’m working on. While over the last year or two, I’ve gotten much more into plotting out books from beginning to end, I still need to “feel” the story. It needs to resonate with me, and I have to want to tell it.

So I shall attempt to find that next project and see where it takes me.

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