Thought I’d follow in Hollywood’s footsteps.

Autumn Falls Celestial Springs Salon Book 2

Okay, not really.

Only kinda.

I did decide it was necessary for me to finally update Autumn Falls.

While the second book in the Celestial Springs Salon series was not bad, it wasn’t as strong as the first book, Summer Burns. I knew that way back in the day. The lackluster sales proved it.

It also reduced the motivation to finish off the series, like I’d always wanted to. Part of it, I’m sure had to do with me being (at the time) a hybrid author, and I was trying to release things with my publisher, as well as release books on my own. This particular book was done, literally, as fast as I could write it.

And I remembered at the time, thinking that I didn’t really love the story, but I was going to go forward, because I was on a deadline, and frankly, other books I’d released that I wasn’t crazy about had done very well. So I just chalked it up to me, being, well, a worried writer.

It wasn’t until a friend, Aidan Red, read it, and he spoke to me, very kindly, that it just wasn’t as strong as it could have been, that I realized I hadn’t released the best book I could have.

So I put it on my list of things I needed to do. Get the book re-worked to make it better. And I realized that it wasn’t the story that was wrong, it was just incomplete.

This process has been exhausting.

To say the least. But I’m almost ready to re-release this book. It’s about to go off to the editors and get a polish, and then it’ll be done. (Granted, it’s taken me a few weeks longer than I expected to do it.)

But I know this book will be stronger. It’s already stronger.

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