Whether you know this or not, I am privileged enough that I get to stay home during the day and take care of my children. This started so I could get more writing done, as well as save us money on day care costs, because day care was getting outrageous, and when we did the budget, we figured out that I would be working literally to pay the day care.

So this summer, I’ve been home with both of my children, one 10, one 4.

And let me tell you, I am SO READY for school to start.

I love my children, I do. But I am ready for them to get away for a while. Granted, my son will only be in Pre-Kindergarten, where he’ll only go half a day, five days a week, but still, he’ll be going to school. My daughter’s a fifth grader, so she’s ready to go back and see her friends. She actually likes school, so she wants to go learn stuff.

But I haven’t gotten nearly as much done as I would have liked this summer. It has been very difficult to get to everything I want.

Nope, I still haven’t made my 100 pages a week requirement by Michelle Pillow (she’s a  mean, slavedriver of a writer). I’m working on it. I am. Just not there yet. I think I got 50 pages in a week, once. Back in April.

When my son was home last year, and my daughter was in school, I got into the habit of writing in the afternoons when he was sleeping. Well, with my daughter being home, she wants to have “Mommy/Daughter” bonding time when the boy is sleeping. Granted, I understand the importance of this, but I also know that I have several books I’m working on as well, and as much fun as playing Uno or Clue is, I do have to work.

Also, my boy’s getting older, so he’s not taking as long of naps–my window of peaceful work time is shrinking anyway. This next year, with him being home every afternoon, I may not have nearly as much time as I like, and I’m going to have to shift my mind into working at different times of the day. Hope my muse will show up when I have to change things.

So yes, I am ready for them to go to school. Probably as much as they are ready to get back to it again.

Bonus, though. We get to shop for school supplies soon. 🙂

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