Here’s another great hot guy picture, and I like it for a lot of elements, I mean, he’s cute, and there’s that tiny glint of an earring in his ear.

He looks pretty well defined, curvy muscles and all sorts of nice bulges.

Even has a nice jawline, just a bit of a shadow from shaving, leading me to believe he’s got darker hair, though you can’t see it.

But that darker side of me keeps creeping up when I look at these, and I have to wonder, how’d this photo shoot actually go down?

I have my guess:

“Okay, Brad, I want you, here in this alley.”
“Sure, where do you want me?”
“Just, well, halfway, between here and the end. I want to be sure the trash can is in the background for distance and style.”
“Um, okay.”
“Now, walk around. That’s great. Good. Good.”
“Like this?”
“Sure, sure.”
Brad kicks a tire laying in the alley.
“Oh, that’s perfect… Pick up the tire.”
“Makes you look handy. Pick it up.”
“Uh, okay.”
“Flex a little.”
“Sure.” Brad raises the tire. “Like this?”
“Yeah, that would be.. not that high. A little lower.”
“What good does an empty tire do?”
“Chicks dig it… Yeah, yeah, like that. More. Good, good.”
“More?” Raises the tire again.
“That’s great. Yes.”

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