I love this picture.

For several reasons.

The biggest one, well… I’m pretty sure you can imagine.

But the other part of me, the darker side, loves this picture, because of everything wrong with it…

First off, where’s the splatters? If he’s making something that he has to lift the pan to toss around, there has to be something in it, in liquid, that would be on a hot stove, so it would splatter. And I don’t see any marks on his chest where something splattered on him…

And is it me, or is his closest arm straining and holding on awfully tight? It’s rather, uh, flexed. Like he’s holding the set he’s standing on in place. Which to me is incredibly funny.

I can see it now:

“Okay, Brad, lean against the cabinet.”
“Like this?”
“Yes, perfect. Now, take the pan, hold it up, like you’re shaking something in it… Perfect, that’s great. Twist this way just a bit, yeah. That’s right–wait.”
“Your right arm. It just looks a little flabby.”
“There is nothing flabby on me…”
“I didn’t mean that. No, I want you to clasp the cabinet…”
“Like this?”
“Wait! You’re gonna break the set! Not so hard!”
“How do you–“
“You broke the set!”
“Are we done yet?”
“Just wait.. Push the drawer back shut.  Now, hold… Yes, keep that fake cabinet in place. Perfect. Flex just–yep, that’s it. Oh, don’t forget the saute pan.”
“Hurry up and take this. This cabinet’s heavy.”
“And we’re done! Great job Brad.”
“Finally.” He lets go.

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