Head cold city today.

I really don’t have time to be sick. Or to go to the doctor, but evidently, if I wanted an antibiotic, they needed me to come in and take my blood pressure. (Fortunately, it’s 122/80… So all good there)

I’m one of those that just calls for an antibiotic, and never goes in. But also did some comparison stats… According to the doctor, I’m 18 pounds down from where I was the last time I came in. On my scale, I’ve lose 23 pounds, but I’m not squawking over 5 pound difference in scales. Scales are never calibrated the same.  And it is likely, I was 5 pounds heavier when I started my diet–OH NO, I SAID IT.

That’s right people, I’m on a diet. Have been since August 1st.

And I quit smoking. Cigarette free since August 31st.

I am doing a vapor cig, and lowering my nicotine level every month, to hopefully prevent the murder and/or mutilation of my family. (I’m kidding. Mostly.)

So it’s been a lot of big changes.

And the weirdest part? When I told the doctor I’d quit and was on a diet, you would have thought I told her I won the lottery!

The weight thing? Will it last? I have no idea. I really like cake and ice cream and cookies.

The smoking thing? Yeah, it’ll last.

Now, if I can just get over my cold…

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