I love this particular Star Wars picture. The color, the determination of the combatants, all that jazz.

And it’s a nice reminder to me to remember that sometime’s it really is a fight to do what you know to be right.  (You could be completely diluted in what you consider right vs wrong, but that’s another discussion.) You believe in what you’re doing.

Shepard Book in “Firefly” explained it best, I think, when he was trying to tell Mal about the Operative in the movie Serenity, how the man was a believer. That he had to believe. And that Mal needed to believe in something, didn’t matter what just believe in it.

They are very poignant words, words that I think are forgotten many times in our day to day life. We have to believe we are doing something, working toward a goal. Me? My current beliefs–I’m trying to get some serious writing done this year. Have I gotten as far as my little writing schedule said I should be by now? Nope, not  hardly. One reason is because the ms I was working on wound up being almost double in length as the original projected idea. (Yeah, yeah, my friends, writing short just isn’t easy for me, I know…)  And the other, is that I haven’t been devoting the time I have available to myself to work on it like I should. Oh, I do write, but not nearly as much as I should if I have any desire to get a large quantity of writing done this year.

I have to do something, because I currently don’t have anything down the line coming out. And after having a couple of years there where it felt like I had books coming out all the time, it feels, well, depressing to not have something out there right now.

So I must get more productive. And I must work harder, by not blowing off writing time for other things, like playing Facebook and watching hours of mindless television. (Even if it is cooking shows, where I’m learning how to better feed my family. Yeah, that’s it…)

So it is time for me to put up pictures of my favorite coach, Master Yoda.

He may be little, and he may be green, but he gets the job done.

Remember his adage: “Try not. Do or do not. There is no try.” 

And I have to remember to believe in me, because if I don’t believe in me and my stories, then no one will.

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