I am hearing this in my head over and over, as I try new things to move my business into the next level.

Trust the Process - Marcus Lemonis quote. Trademark of Marcus Lemonis. Graphic by Candice Gilmer

Trust The Process

I watch The Profit all the time, and I hear Mr. Lemonis say this at least twice in every episode.

The show is about Marcus Lemonis, who goes to small, failing businesses and helps them by investing in their companies, becomes a part-owner, and helps them revamp their business to make it the best it can be.

He invests, because he’s for example, always wanted to own a flower shop, so he found a flower shop that needed some help.

Did it work out? Not exactly. He wound up taking his money back and moving on.

But why didn’t it? Because the owner didn’t want to believe he was doing it wrong. That Mr. Lemonis had new ideas that would bring more zing to the business.

I am in that position myself.

I have someone who’s mentoring me, who has actually sat down with me and talked with me about how to make things more profitable and move forward.

And OMG it’s HARD!!!

I keep having these mini-panic attacks-freak-outs because I am not instantly seeing the forward motion that I know I will be seeing. I keep telling myself it’ll all come, but until it does, I’m in this weird state of mini-panic/worry that I’ve Done F*cked Up.

I had to make a little graphic with it on it, so I can remember, that not everything is instant. And that I have to learn that moving forward sometimes feels like I’m moving backwards.

Mr. Lemonis talks a lot about the big picture to his clients when he comes in and works on helping them with their businesses. And sometimes the clients can’t see beyond the small stuff.

I am guilty of this myself.

I must remember, Bigger Picture. Trust the Process…

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