Today is a good day. I’ve gotten a lot done today.

Figured out some guest blog posts I needed to get done, which is always good.

Not to mention getting a good deal of my laundry done, which I always procrastinate about.

I also have almost finished a new WIP (work in progress, for those of you who don’t know), which feels pretty good, because it seems like I have a half-dozen other projects on my “to do” list this year that I want to get finished ASAP. (I still have not learned how to reasonably make a work schedule for myself for the year–I always try to bite off more than I can chew. You’d think I’d learn.)

Though today has been a day to check off stuff on my list, and I’m rather happy about that. It feels really good to get stuff done, even if it’s little stuff, just taking it off the “to do” list makes it look a lot less daunting.

How’s your “to do” list looking?

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