Galactic Storm Boxed Set

The Terran Empire is at war with The Rhimodian cyborgs. The Terrans believe the cyborgs have stolen a system of planets from them. At least, that's how it started. It degenerated into hatred and fear.

Can these ambassadors bring peace between the Terrans and the Rhimodians? Will they live long enough to make it happen?

The complete series.

Book 1: The Temptress's Cyborg

Book 2: The Lady's Cyborg

Book 3: The Mistress's Cyborg

Book 4: The Virgin's Cyborg

Book 5: The Princess's Cyborg

Publisher: Flirtation Publishing
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MWAB: Intergalactic Dating Agency Volume 1

Intergalactic Dating Agency

Book Cover: MWAB: Intergalactic Dating Agency Volume 1
Editions:ePub: $ 8.99

The Most Wanted Alien Brides, Intergalactic Dating Agency Collection includes SlammerHard Time and Solitary, about three cyborg POWs who get mistaken for Intergalactic Dating Agency clients.

The IDA's machines, however, don't make mistakes and can find the right mates for them. No matter what dimension they're from.

Book 1: Slammer

When the Intergalactic Dating Agency mistakes a prison ship for their new clients looking for mates, cyborg Kolvin jumps at the opportunity. But when Kolvin meets his mate, she winds up not being what he expects. She drives him crazy. She's not even from his dimension. His Craving, however, wants what it wants, and he finds himself at the mercy of it.

Tina Craige, from Earth steps through an arch and winds up in another dimension. With a giant cyborg humanoid that wants her as a mate. What the hell? When she discovers that he's traumatized from being held prisoner of war, she can't bring herself to abandon him. Not yet.

She has thirty days to decide if she wants this giant cyborg as her mate, PTSD and all, or return to her dimension and Earth, as if she'd never left. And never see, or remember, him again.

Will she be able to give up everything for her cyborg mate?

Book 2: Hard Time

When Rhimodian cyborg Marcin meets his mate on Disguised Serenity, she winds up being obsessed with something called eggplant. His Craving burns for her, but making the stubborn woman hear him becomes harder than he thought.

Gianna Rosco cannot believe this new dimension she and her BFF Tina find themselves in. Giant cyborgs searching for their mates? And they fit the bill? Heck yeah. That's what she thinks until she finds out he's just as growly and demanding as anyone from Earth. All he's got is a big ole eggplant that really likes her peach.

While a month of enjoying eggplant is always fun, she's not ready to be bound to just one vegetable. Marcin, however, wants her forever.

The thirty-day escape clause is sounding better and better. Will she be able to accept him as her cyborg mate? Or will she run for the portal back home?

Book 3: Solitary

When the transport landed at Disguised Serenity, the last thing that Solkan wanted to do was be shuffled into the Intergalactic Dating Agency's offices and tested. He had plenty of tests as a prisoner of war of the Terran Empire. Doing more, even if it was to find his mate, just pissed him off. He'd been in solitary for a reason. He didn't want to be around anyone.

Especially not a mate. Cyborgs weren't supposed to be slaves to their Cravings. Solkan refused to be slaved to anyone, ever again. Now that the prisoners are being released, it's time to be free. As if that's ever possible.

Terran officer Addigale Vinka spent a great deal of time around the cyborgs. So much so, that she was fired. Especially Solkan. Whatever it was about Solkan, she couldn't help the desire to be around him.

The others? They were fine, but Solkan? It was beyond the fact that he was spectacular to look at. She felt something. Now, though, she and her favorite cyborg have a chance to see if this thing between them is real, or just a prisoner falling for his jailer.

Publisher: Flirtation Publishing
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Not Well Behaved Women

A Steamy Romance Charity Anthology

Not Well Behaved Women

New York Times and USA Today bestselling romance authors band together to launch the charity anthology, Not Well Behaved Women. All proceeds will benefit the Center for Reproductive Rights. They are a global human rights organization of lawyers and advocates who ensure the protection of reproductive rights in law as a fundamental human right for every person’s dignity, equality, health, and well-being.

I will be featuring Summer Burns in this collection.

I don't usually get particularly political online, however, women's rights is one of the few areas I do hold dear to my heart. As a woman, I feel it is natural to care about how laws are being made to control women.  So I felt very privileged to be included in this collection to raise money for the Center for Reproductive Rights.

Available on:
Reviews:Bad Boy Gamer wrote:

Nat's dominance and Raelynn's innocence is a potent combination. Overall, this is an steamy read that should not be missed. -LJT

Sin Shot wrote:

Sin Shot is another amazing addition to the Vegas Crush series!! I loved Georg and Pam together. She was the "feisty" that Georg needed to help reign him in from his party hard reputation. And Georg was the first man that Pam truly wanted to go deeper than a casual relationship. -Wendy LeGrand

Harsh Line wrote:

Absolutely perfect This is exactly what I needed right now. It's fun, funny, suspenseful, exciting, has amazing characters, is fast-paced, and left me wanting more. It's slightly different from what I'm used to when I pick up an Ann Gimpel book when it comes to vampires, but everything else was exactly what I expected. The story line is strong and kept me glued to the pages from beginning to end.

Summer Burns wrote:

"I liked that Summer could be strong and feisty when necessary, including dealing with her former mother-in-law, who does not approve of her dating, and a former rival, who sets her sights on Matthew just because she knows Summer likes him."

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