Alien Want

Galactic Aliance Science Experiment

Book Cover: Alien Want
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Due to delays, this book will release as soon as possible, but as of yet, I do not have a date.


He would do anything for a fellow Kantenan. Almost anything, anyway.

★Most Wanted Alien Brides: Kantenans Book 2★

Stron has a system. An order to his personal affairs that keeps him in line. Then he agrees to help Khalzin prove his theory. He would never let his fellow Kantenan fail, especially when up against obstacles and governing parents. That is what friends do. They help each other.

At least, until Stron realizes that Khalzin's proposal will change everything for his perfect life. He's thrown into chaos with a humanoid who has no idea how to play by the rules.

Desperate to get away from Kerde and not be found, Adryel stumbles on an opportunity to save herself. She joins the Galactic Alliance's science experiment to meet aliens on another arm of the galaxy. If she connects with one, she's to marry them. How perfect is that? They'll never find her there.

Then things start exploding. Quite literally. The big Kantenans and their horns look terrifying and their demeanor even scarier, and now stranded on Kantenan with the rest of the survivors, at the mercy of the grumpy Kantenans.

Except for that one... Stron. Beyond his generally irritating demeanor, he seems, well, he seems like something.

Thrown together to solve a mystery, she has to trust yet another male.

Will this one try to get her killed too?

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