Guys and Godmothers Book 2

Book Cover: Before His Eyes
Part of the Guys and Godmothers series:

Guys and Godmothers Book 2

When Fairy Godmother Lilly Bloom gets her latest assignment, the rules send her into a minor panic attack. She must bring two people together—using as little magic as possible.

Photographer Bruce Matthews has finally found someone who really, really gets him. He and Greta like the same things, laugh at the same jokes. There’s just one thing—he’s never actually seen her face to face. Her social media profile bears no picture.

Much as Greta Vandecall yearns to leave her small town and meet her online prince charming, secrets chain her to the past and force her to hide her face from the world. Secrets she knows would destroy the friendship she values most.

A steampunk convention seems to be the perfect way to meet face to mask. And in the excitement of the moment they connect in a very warm, real way. But cold, hard reality isn’t far behind. And if Lilly fails, this time she’ll lose her fairy godmother status. For good.


“Well, it’s like this… You know I’m a photographer, right?” Bruce said into the Skype feed.

Greta nodded, and realized he couldn’t hear it. “Yes.”

“Well, I work out of my home.” He looked away. “And, well, in the past, I’ve uh, used that to my advantage.”

“Go on.” Greta wasn’t sure she liked where this headed.

He squirmed in his seat as he spoke. “Anyway, I have this, kind of, reputation.” He waved his hand.

Her stomach started to roil, but not in a good way.

“You’re a man-whore.” Greta slapped her hand over her mouth.

Bruce burst out laughing. “In a way, yes, I kinda am. Man-whore.” He snorted. “Yeah, that would make sense.”

Still filled with embarrassment, Greta tried to get to the point. And couldn’t believe he hadn’t disconnected. “I’m sorry.”

“No, it’s cool.” He waved again.


Gah, he used his hands a lot. Lots of gestures. Was he one of those people who did everything with his hands?

This vague warmth flooded Greta, not exactly concrete thoughts about what hands could do, if used a lot, but more the general feeling of… well… those feelings. Those ones she wrote about all the time, but hardly ever experienced.

Is this what it’s supposed to feel like when a guy turns you on? She felt it all the way to her toes, her cheeks so warm she could fry an egg on them.

And his eyes—wow, they were really green—stared right at her. Well, at the screen. Like he knew her thoughts.

Greta cleared her throat. “You had better get to where this has to do with us pretending to date.”

“Yeah, that.” He inhaled a breath, and Greta noticed how his chest filled out.
Good grief, he was good looking!

“Anyway, I used to date a lot. Haven’t been into it for the last, oh, I don’t know, six months or so.”

Six months? How long have we been talking? Wait. Six months. Holy crow.

It must be a coincidence. Has to be.

“So to make a long story short, one of the models—a very short-lived relationship from a while back—offered to ‘console’ me today.” He made little quote marks in the air. “You know, this would go so much better if I could see you.”

“My camera’s broke.” Greta hoped her voice didn’t crack in the lie.

He tipped his head to the side, his brow furrowing.

Maybe it had cracked a little.


“Really? Because I think you’re lying.”

She should be mad for him calling her out. But she also knew she could never hold onto a lie when someone point-blank caught her. “Fine it works. I admit it. But I’m not turning it on.”

“Please?” He did the puppy-dog-eye thing.

Greta clicked on the webcam settings. And found something. A feature she didn’t know she had…

“There, are you happy?”

Bruce sat up, stared at the screen, then his face contorted, like he tried to focus. “Your face is pixelated out. I can’t see you.”

“And you’re not going to.” Greta grinned.

Reviews:Henry B on Library Journal wrote:

"This sexually charged novel by Gilmer (Mission of Christmas) makes a strong point about appearances versus the underlying substance in human relationships... Highly recommended."

Before His Eyes

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