The Mythical Knights, Book 3

Book Cover: Bravest Flame

All it takes is a spark

What girl wouldn’t want a hot fire fighter’s help with a flat tire?

Denise Matthews.

Sure, Chase piques her interest in hot and steamy ways, but Denise doesn’t have time for a dating drama. Men always want her undivided attention, and Denise doesn’t have time for that nonsense

Chase Drigan doesn’t want a casual fling with Denise. His wolfly beast roars to life around her in a way he’s never fathomed before.

One date is derailed when a stranger approaches Denise, giving her a magical curse that might just save the world.

Or destroy it.

Chase and Denise’s lives are shoved forever off course, close to danger, closer together, as centuries old mysteries come to light as well as the dark entities who want it at any price.

Chase’s beast is ready to protect her, but Denise has to be willing to believe that there’s more to the world than humans, and walk through fire to save the man—the beast—she’s come to love.


“Go out with me.”


“I changed your tire.”

“So now I owe you?”

“Well, you did get to look at my ass for half an hour.”

“I get to see your ass any time I want.”

“So you check out my ass?”

“Yeah. So?”

Chase Drigan gave Denise Matthews a pouting look. “You really won’t go out with me.”

Denise raised her eyebrow at the young fire fighter. Young being the optimum word. “Look, Chase. You’re cute. And hot. I’m pretty sure there are a whole lot of girls your age who’d love to go on a date with you.” She glanced over her shoulder.

Sure enough, standing near the front door of the YMCA, furtively watching the exchange between her and Chase, there was a group of twenty-somethings who made yoga pants and tank tops look way better than she ever would. Denise turned back to the attractive fireman. If he even registered the girls watching from the entrance, he didn’t show it.


“I’m not asking them,” Chase said. “I’m asking you.”

Denise sighed. “You flatter me boy, but I’m just not interested.” Which was the problem with a lot of things lately for Denise. She wasn’t interested in anything anymore.

Not her work.

Not writing her books.

Not in staring at the fire fighters when they came to the YMCA.

While she was pretty sure she was too young to be going through the change of life, she knew something wasn’t right. Unfortunately, she didn’t have to be a genius to figure out what it was.

Her old nemesis, depression, was fighting for attention. The cyclic return could almost be scheduled on a calendar. But this time, she’d decided to try and cut it off before it got too bad.

Her plan included a re-dedication to gym-time to get her endorphins pumping, and possibly keep the darkness at bay.

And occasionally talking to handsome young men, if the mood struck her.

Today she was not in the mood. Of course flat tires when she had a million other things to do only added to the stress.

Bravest Flame

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