The Mythical Knights, Book 4

Book Cover: Darker Cravings

A boring, vanilla life turns red hot–is it too hot to handle, or is it her own secret, darker cravings, lurking underneath?

Nicole Bernard is boring. She lives a boring life, where her only fun comes from the romance novels she reads. She’s making a huge change–she’s moving across the country. She’s hoping that change will make something interesting happen.

Then she meets–and has a sexy, sammich dance with James Henrick and Joseph Oliver–no clue that the two men who turned her on like no one before are vampires, looking for someone to complete their trinity.

First James takes her out, then Joseph. She can’t pick between the two, and doesn’t want to, even though she knows it’s so very wrong.

But really, should she have to?


Nicole watched the two men standing at the edge of the dance floor. Lord, what fine specimens they were.

And they were staring at her.

She bowed her head in embarrassment as a few strands of hair fell over her face. Not the most effective veil against the duo’s hard appraisal, but better than nothing.

Through the corner of her eye, she could tell they were both incredibly sexy with powerful, dominating presences. They could have walked right out of the paranormal romance novels she liked to read.

She glanced back in their direction.

Yep, there they were.


A drink landed with a thunk on the table as Kayleigh plopped down next to her.

“Who are you staring at?” she asked, looking out at the crowd. Then she saw the two men. “The blond and brunet? My God, you do know how to pick them.”


“I think they picked me,” Nicole said. Both men were tall, and very well shaped. She estimated their height at six three, maybe six four. The blond’s hair was short and cropped tight to his head, a dusting of facial hair framing a mouth that seemed made for sin. The brunet’s hair was longer, brushed out of his clean-shaven face.

She blinked, tipping her head to the side a bit.

Then recognition hit her.

The dark-headed one was the man from the coffee shop. Her heart started to slam in her chest, and her knees started to quake. And this time, he wasn’t alone—his friend was as sexy as he was, and both of them looked like they were trying to do more than just undress her with their eyes. Their intent stares made her wish she’d brought a fresh pair of panties.

If she didn’t know better, they were the men in her dream. She shook her head.

This is way too weird.

Kayleigh let out a drunken laugh, and she started waving at the guys, motioning them up to the table.

“Kayleigh,” Nicole said, grabbing her arm. “Stop it, please, I beg you.” She didn’t want them coming toward her. They were hot, sexy—they were exactly the type that usually looked past her.

So why were they staring? Nicole glanced at Kayleigh. Maybe they were looking at her—with her dark-brown hair cut in the latest fashion, Kayleigh was always turning heads.

The men glanced at each other, then they broke apart and disappeared into the crowd, lost in the bodies.

Nicole let out a breath.

Just as well. Men didn’t usually pay her much attention when Kayleigh was around, and once they got closer, her assistant would charm them away. Many people mistook Kayleigh for the boss. She just radiated that kind of energy. Which was why the transfer to Boston would be a good thing. Nicole would be able to finally break out, be stronger.

To waken her inner self.

At least, she’d do that if she knew what the heck her inner self felt like.

Kayleigh sighed. “Live a little.” She headed down to join the other office gals.

“I want to.” She glanced where everyone had gathered at the far end of the table, now that the gift-giving festivities were over.

She had already opened her presents and was trying to determine how soon she could casually leave without being rude. The presents here had been funny, lewd and generally not appropriate for public—all gag gifts, many purchased at the local sex shop to “keep her from getting too cranky at her new job”. One item had even been a pocket vibrator the shape of a lipstick tube.

All of the items would go in a box Nicole could donate to a women’s shelter or something. Surely those places could give that stuff to the women, right? Or some other charity function. Or maybe she should hang on to them. Who knew what kind of people she’d meet in Boston. Maybe she could recycle all of them as gag gifts for bachelorette parties and such.

Nicole fiddled with her gifts, transferring them all to one bag. Yet she couldn’t seem to stop herself from scanning the crowd for the two men she’d been ogling.

When she didn’t spot them, Nicole picked up her wineglass and forced herself to down the entire thing in one gulp, and blinked at the strength of it. Sure, she had wine on a regular basis, but she never just downed the stuff. Even setting her glass down made her head swim a bit.
Yep, it was time to get out of here.

She didn’t need gorgeous men staring at her and making her wonder about possibilities.

So why did her heart ache at the thought of not getting to know them?

Grabbing the bag, she stretched as she stood, letting the wave of disorientation pass as she gathered her bearings. Some of the others at the table saw her get up, and she started waving and saying goodbye.

“Leaving so soon?” came a rich voice behind her.

Nicole spun around to find the brunet staring at her. And if he was only six three, she’d eat her balloons. Immediately, her insides burned even more than before. From a distance, he’d been gorgeous, but up close and personal? Immaculate. Especially without sunglasses blocking his eyes. Were they gray? Or blue? She couldn’t tell in the dark light of the bar—just that they were stunning and light.

It was easy to see why he’d worn sunglasses before. Every person in the coffee shop would have commented on the eye color. If she’d seen them, she probably would have melted into a puddle.

“Uh, I was thinking about it.” She tried not to stare, but couldn’t help it. Like his eyes reached into her soul, a sensation giving her more of a head rush than the shots she’d drunk earlier.

“And deny me a dance?”

Kayleigh appeared from somewhere behind her. “No, she wouldn’t.” She shoved Nicole toward the man.

The man smirked as he caught Nicole and held her flush against his body. Every inch of her electrified. She tipped her head back to see his face, mumbling an apology for Kayleigh’s actions.

“Would you like to dance?”

Mesmerized by his eyes, she was unable to speak, and nodded.

Taking her hand in his, he led her out to the dance floor. The song was a little fast, but he found a spot near the center, the office gals glaring as she stepped out with him in front of the entire bar.

Snap out of it, she chided herself. This wasn’t anyone special, he was just a guy.

Granted, it had been so long since Nicole had even touched a guy, she was surprised she didn’t combust.

“I didn’t catch your name,” Nicole said as they found a space, trying to keep things casual. What should she do? Grab on to him? Just do that whole one-step thing? It had been so long since she’d been asked to dance, she felt clueless.



“Relax, Nicole.” The song started to crescendo, and he pulled her against him. Her rigid body met his, and it took a few gentle strokes on her back to relax her into the movement.

The music filled her as they rocked back and forth to the beat, her hands on his shoulders as his hips guided hers. It only took a few seconds for her to find her groove and get into his moves.

His thumbs caressed the hem of her blouse in time with the music, a metronome of sensation that made her wish she’d worn the shorter shirt she’d picked out before settling for the more conservative one she wore now.

Nicole relaxed in his arms—and what big arms they were. He enveloped her like a cocoon, and their surroundings faded. She spun around and pressed her bottom against his hips. He wrapped an arm around her and laid his forearm between her breasts, holding her to him.

With her eyes closed, she fell into the rhythm, leaning her head back on his shoulder as he rocked her from side to side, never easing his brace across her chest. His fingers caressed her breast, and she let out a soft moan.

He widened the spread of his hand.

Arching her back, she pushed her chest out, burning at the sensation of his fingers across her breast.

Some part of her, deep down, screamed that she was on a dance floor in the middle of a club, and that letting this guy run his fingers over her chest wasn’t exactly proper behavior.

And, my God, the gals from the office are here. Lord knows what they’ll tell everyone at work.

Yet the sensations from his touch practically pushed her worrisome thoughts out of her head.

Loving the way he felt up against her, she flicked her eyes open, seeing the party group at the tables waving and enjoying the show. At the edge of the dance floor stood the blond James had been talking to before. He leaned on the railing around the dance floor. A beer dangled from his fingers, his eyes dark and feral.


At her.

Darker Cravings

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