Darker Cravings

The Mythical Knights, Book 4

Book Cover: Darker Cravings
Pages: 275
ISBN: 9781386847847
ISBN: 978-1548935375
Pages: 278

A boring, vanilla life turns red hot–is it too hot to handle, or is it her own secret, darker cravings, lurking underneath?

Nicole Bernard is boring. She lives a boring life, where her only fun comes from the romance novels she reads. She’s making a huge change–she’s moving across the country. She’s hoping that change will make something interesting happen.

Then she meets–and has a sexy, sammich dance with James Henrick and Joseph Oliver–no clue that the two men who turned her on like no one before are vampires, looking for someone to complete their trinity.

First James takes her out, then Joseph. She can’t pick between the two, and doesn’t want to, even though she knows it’s so very wrong.

But really, should she have to?


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