The Mythical Knights Book 5

Book Cover: Darkest Judgment

In the dark, all a Templar has is his judgment.

Against his better judgment, Immortal Templar Knight Sir Liam has always watched over Leeza–she’s always been rather accident-prone. Even when she was a child, he made sure she was safe, if only from a distance.

Yet, as much as he tries to keep his distance, Liam continues to need to interact with her, and his feelings start taking over his logic.

When Leeza meets tall, hunky Sir Liam, she’s immediately awed and curious. After all, who goes by “sir” anything, anyway? Still, she starts to trust him. As she does, a whole other world begins to open up around her.

One with dragons, vampires, and all sorts of things that go bump in the night. And in this world, even an immortal Templar Knight must decide which path to follow. The future isn’t set, and the rules are changing.

Monsters are getting more aggressive, and sometimes, all a Templar has is his judgment over who lives and who dies.


La Bouteille d’Art was closed for the night, and Leeza considered shutting off some of the light so no wandering passerby would think the place was still open. The last thing she wanted to do was handle any late night customers. Being alone in the downtown district of Liverly wasn’t the brightest thing she could be doing.

She jingled her keys in her pocket. Maybe she should lock the door. Leeza tried with all her might to think of something positive about this. And ignore the irritation at missing the movie she’d wanted to see.

“Positive, be positive,” she reminded herself. “At least I’ll get to see this famous Sir Liam for once.” Not that she wanted to.

However, his glass was some of the most popular in the store. Even now, Leeza could glance around and spot his work over the others. There was just something about it. Finer details and thinner glass than anyone else made—delicate yet still very strong. Not like what other people made.


It was different.

She almost considered it special.

Though that might have more to do with the fact that she’d never shattered one of his pieces.

It was like the pieces had sonar in them, and pushed her away from them before she could break them.

She’d painted a mental picture of him over the few years she’d been at the store. Probably five six, Albert Einstein gray hair and moustache, and a potbelly from too much time not moving around.

So when the six-foot-six guy with cropped black hair came in the shop door, she thought for sure she’d gotten an actual customer. Or that someone was lost.

Maybe she should have locked the door.

“Hi, can I help you?” She forced a smile, and was taken aback by the size of him.

My God, were men supposed to be that large?

Large as he was, he was familiar to her.

The air around her crackled and she bit her lip.

“Where is Marge?” His gaze narrowed on hers, the slits so small she could barely tell what color his eyes were. They just resembled angry black voids.

“She’s not here. Are you here with the delivery?” Surely this couldn’t be the infamous Sir Liam.

Not possible, he was far too…too… A thousand thoughts came to mind, and every one of them sent ripples of desire through her. Desire that moved her focus off why she was there on a Friday night.

Darkest Judgment