The Mythicals Book 2

Book Cover: Guarding Her Secret
Part of the The Mythicals series:

When Reese gets the call to go remind his ex-girlfriend that the world’s taking notice of her appearances, he figures this will be easy–maybe she just didn’t know that a team of investigative reporters had moved into the Loch, bound and determined to find the Loch Ness Monster.

Viona, however, is very aware that the investigative team looking for her. And she couldn’t be happier about it–after all, their appearance meant tourism would go through the roof.

And how could she complain about that? After all, she shows her beastly side every once in a while, and the whole area benefits.

At least, until the lead investigator sees her go in, and Nessie rise up. Caught on film, the team cannot wait to tell the world.

Now it’s up to Reese and Viona to smooth things over before things get out of hand. And with as fast as the internet is, even Reese’s magic may not be fast enough.


As if by magic, the door opened, and she couldn’t help smiling at the coincidence.

But she should have known better–a coincidence was always the first step toward a magical development.

She sighed.

Walking into her little pub was a magical development she could have gone without for at least another fifty years. Maybe one hundred.

However long it took him to start aging again and die.

Reese Appleton, however, looked as good as he ever–his dark blond hair a little long and combed away from his face. He should have had to look around the establishment to find her–why, the last time he’d seen her, she’d looked about thirty.

But surprisingly, his gaze landed squarely on her.

Viona swallowed.

This was her place.

What was he doing here? He had no right to invade her home.

He crossed to the bar, his gaze not deviating, like he knew, even with her aged face and heavy curves, exactly who she was.


And that was the thing about Reese Appleton that drove her absolutely batty.

He knew her.

It didn’t matter what form she took.

He knew.

“Can I be gettin’ ya something,” she asked him, moving away from the miserable yank at the bar.

Reese laid cash on the counter. “I’d like a drink.”

She felt the nudge of Reese in her head, that special gift that all the FID unit fairies had. He was trying to tell her something telepathically, but she wasn’t havin’ it.

“Aye,” Viona said, and she pulled the nearest bottle out of the cooler, snapped off the lid with a jerk and handed it to him.

She gritted her teeth, uninterested in anything that fairy had to say. No doubt coming in with some edict about how she should be behavin’.
She doubted whatever brought him back here could be good.

“Thank you,” he said as he brought the bottle to his lips.

From the somber expression he wore, she was pretty sure she was right.

“Have a nice evenin’ sir.” She snagged his money and walked to the register.

He took a sip, all the while not taking his eyes off her.

She felt very unnerved by his stares, which only flared her temper. Ever since her deal with that sea witch Morgana, she’d been able to take any form she needed to in order to hide in plain sight. Of course, once a shifter, always a shifter, or so it went.

Reese, however, could always see past her disguises.

And it pissed her off.


This book was originally published in the Taming the Monster anthology in October of 2015, where it hit #91 on USA Today's bestseller list. The story has since been expanded, and this version also includes the bonus story Deal With A Sea Witch

Guarding Her Secret

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