Guarding Her Secret

Mythicals of Avalon Book 2

Guarding Her Secret 2019 Cover Art
Part of the The Mythicals of Avalon series:
Pages: 212
ISBN: 9781524272883
Pages: 212
ISBN: 978-1537016054
Pages: 212

Is his magic faster than the world wide web?


When Reese gets the call to go remind his ex-girlfriend that the world’s taking notice of her appearances, he figures this will be easy–maybe she just didn’t know that a team of investigative reporters had moved into the Loch, bound and determined to find the Loch Ness Monster.

Viona, however, is very aware that the investigative team looking for her. And she couldn’t be happier about it–after all, their appearance meant tourism would go through the roof.

And how could she complain about that? After all, she shows her beastly side every once in a while, and the whole area benefits.

At least, until the lead investigator sees her go in, and Nessie rise up.

Caught on film, the team cannot wait to tell the world.

Now it’s up to Reese and Viona to smooth things over before things get out of hand.

And with as fast as the internet is, even Reese’s magic may not be fast enough.

Reviews:Evampire on Amazon wrote:

The sizzling chemistry between Vanessa and Reese heats up every page and the sex scenes are just as hot but the romance has a bit of a problem due to their past relationship while the current situation stirs up all kinds of emotional turbulence and adrenaline pumping excitement in this fast paced, smooth flowing plot full of strong captivating characters that demand attention.

Accolades for Guarding Her Secret:

This book was originally published in the Taming the Monster anthology in October of 2015, where it hit #91 on USA Today's bestseller list. The story has since been expanded, and this version also includes the bonus story Deal With A Sea Witch

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