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Book Cover: His Velvet Touch

When Harper walks into Chris’s life on a hook-up dare from her friends, he wants nothing to do with her until he realizes he can use her to his benefit. She works for an investment firm, and Chris needs an investor for his company that’s about to get bought out by his biggest competitor.

He’s not going to lose his business.

Harper’s pride made her walk across that coffee shop that day, but when Chris plays along and kisses her in front of her friends, she knows there’s more to this guy than just a quick romp. When she learns of his business’s dire situation, she’s happy to help, since money is her life.

The more time they spend together, the more they find a connection, however as much as they connect, that still doesn’t mean they trust each other.

After all, she can’t keep a plant alive, and he’s a landscaper.

How can that possibly be a good match?


Chris Davenport took a long swallow of his scalding black coffee and let out a sigh.

Beer would have been better after this shitty day. It was too early for beer, though.

Coffee had to do.

Had to get through his next meeting in an hour–

The chair across from him slid against the floor, and the woman he’d noticed earlier sat down, her purse in her lap. Her and her friends had been staring when he came in.

He’d met their stares, thinking his pissed off expression would be enough to deter them.

Evidently not.

He gritted his teeth. This was not what he needed.

The gal’s hands shook as she sat down.

He raised an eyebrow. “Yes?”

She clenched her fingers and took a deep breath. “Listen, uh…” She shook her head, closed her eyes, and opened them again. This time a big, and very fake, smile was painted over her features. But it didn’t distract from her very wide eyes, like a deer in headlights.


“Yeah, um, my friends and I…”

This won’t end well, Chris thought.

She bit her lip. “Well, shit.”

“Can I help you?”

She leaned forward, elbows on the table and rested her chin on her hand. “Here’s the thing. I’m sure you get hit on a lot, so I’ll make it really easy.”

“Not really.”

She blinked. “What?”

“Don’t get hit on a lot.” True enough. Though most of the time, it was because he didn’t give women the chance. He usually walked away before any attention went anywhere.
He had enough on his plate besides women troubles.

Though why he was still sitting here, he wasn’t exactly sure. Her little table hadn’t been the only one with eyes on him.

Felt like living in a damn fishbowl sometimes.

He’d been blessed with those Hollywood good looks all his life, and while he could use it to his advantage, most of the time he downplayed them with thick, dorky glasses. Made it easier to get stuff done.

“Seriously?” She stared at him. He got a good look at her hazel eyes as she brushed a loose brown strand of hair out of her face.

She was quite pretty, when she didn’t look so scared.


She shook her head. “Dude, women need new glasses or something, because you’re hot as hell.”

This did make him crack a smile. Whether it was what she said, or how she said it, he wasn’t sure, but he found it extremely amusing.

“See, and OMG, that grin? Women should be falling all over you.”

“Do you have a point, or are you feeding my ego for the fun of it?”

“For the fun of it.”


This book was originally published in the Taming the Alpha anthology, which hit #8 on the NY Times and #41 on USA Today Bestsellers.

His Velvet Touch

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