Guys and Godmothers Book 3

Book Cover: Just His Taste
Part of the Guys and Godmothers series:

Guys and Godmothers Book 3

Avalynn Fay is not a typical Fairy Godmother. She wears leather body suits, rides motorcycles, and prefers bourbon to anything fru-fru. Probably why she is assigned new charge, Jason Gregorian—a PI who drinks bourbon and loves to cook barbecue.

Jason’s a good guy. Generally decent. Even willing to pretend to be his ex-girlfriend Tessa’s date for a wedding, so she won’t be alone while her ex struts around with his latest squeeze on his arm.

Should be easy, right?

All Ava has to do is talk to him, feel him out a bit, and she’ll know exactly how to get the wheels in gear. Except when she meets Jason, suddenly no one is good enough for him. Not even Tessa, his intended Happily Ever After.

It’s enough to make a fairy godmother want a healthy shot of bourbon—right before she breaks all the rules.


Ava glared at Cupid. “You have a lot of balls, you prick.”

He smiled at her, looking all suave and sophisticated in his white-on-white outfit. The dickhead.

“You know, don’t you, my sweet?” Cupid grinned.

“Knock that shit off, Cupid. I’m not your sweet anything.” She gestured out into the reception, at Cupid’s minions—little cherubs with bad aim and twitchy trigger fingers—swarming around the wedding, shooting at anyone they could.

Christy had been fighting off a flock of the damn annoying little cherubs. And so had Lilly.

Ava had been so excited when she’d walked in earlier. New charges—rather, new assignments—made her giddy. And she was very intrigued by this one.

Granted, it wasn’t the first time she’d ever interacted with men—sometimes, Fairy Godmothers had to work both sides of a coin to get the Happily Ever After, but she remained always focused on her female charges.


So to work with a man, well, that brought round a whole different set of variables.
Variables she couldn’t wait to play with.

Until the cherubs started flying around.

“Now, Ava, of course you are, sweetheart,” Cupid said, smiling a killer smile that probably would have wooed any girl who didn’t know better.

Ava knew his game. Better than most.

“You’re doing this just to spite me,” Ava said.

“And why would I do that?” Cupid raised his eyebrow. “I’m not spiting you, my sweet. I merely am helping you. Nothing in your deal said that you couldn’t use my magic.” He put his hand on her arm.

“That’s not the point and you know it.” She tried to jerk out of his grip.

Cupid, however, wouldn’t let go. He scooted closer and wrapped his arms around her. “I just don’t want to see you fail.”

If she didn’t know better, she’d think he might actually be sincere.

Of course, she did know better.

Ava put her hands on his chest and pushed him away, but the minor god was pretty strong. “Cupid, let me go. Really.”

“You are so lovely,” Cupid said, and he tried to lean in.

“Is there a problem here?”

Both Ava and Cupid froze. Ava turned to see, of all people, her charge, hands over his chest, glaring at Cupid.

“Uh,” Ava said.

Cupid released her as he stared at Jason. “Everything is fine.”

Ava stepped away from Cupid. “He was just leaving, weren’t you?”

Cupid raised his eyebrow. “As you wish.”

Jason kept his gaze on Cupid. “And I think you don’t need to be back here today.”

Ava watched Cupid bristle.

Act human. Act human. Act human, you arrogant dumb—

Cupid merely snorted and walked away.

Ava let out a sigh.

“Are you all right?” Jason asked.

Ava nodded. “Thank you, I appreciate that.” She glanced back at Cupid, who walked into the doors of the bed and breakfast.

He’s going to be pissed later.


“No,” Ava said, smiling as she shook her head. What an outrageous idea—dating Cupid. Just the thought made her sick to her stomach.

So why did she spend time with him?

She didn’t know.

Perhaps that was the problem.

“Ex-husband?” Jason asked as he led her away.

“No. Just…”

Jason held up his hand. “He-he just likes to control you.” He grimaced as he spoke.

Ava snorted. “He…he thought he was helping me, of all things.”

“No-no.” He grimaced and inhaled a breath. “No man ever helps a woman by forcing her to do something.”

She noticed his stammer as he spoke, but she didn’t acknowledge it. Actually, she thought it was kind of cute. “Yes, I tend to agree with you. Unless you like that kind of kink.”

Jason stopped dead in his tracks. “I-I—” He looked at her with the strangest mix of shock and arousal on his face.

“Calm down, I’m not hitting on you.” Ava grinned.

He shook his head. “So where in the hell did that come from?”

She shrugged. “I’m just saying. Some people like being forced to do things. I mean, there’s two huge industries focused on that very thing.”

“What two?”

“Sex shops and erotic romance. Haven’t you heard of Fifty Shades of Gray?”

“Is that what that was?” Jason asked.

“Well, yeah. Where have you been?”

“Under a rock.”

“I guess so.” She rolled her eyes. “What am I going to do with you?” she whispered, more to herself.

But he must have heard. “Educate me?”

Ava laughed, and he joined her. The two of them stopped and stared at each other, and Ava felt a strange tingling in her stomach.

Very, very strange.

“I’m Jason,” he said, holding out his hand.

“Ava,” she replied as she accepted his hand. She’d intended just to shake it and be done with it, but for a reason she didn’t quite understand, she held on a touch longer than she should have. Or what was appropriate. Or right.

Yet even in that moment, she felt energy between them, a strong connection. Probably the strongest she’d ever had with a charge before. Meeting his gaze, she found herself pulled in by his dark-brown eyes, which remained locked on hers.

“Ava.” He nodded. “It suits you.”

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4 Stars! "The plot twists and turns were so compelling that I couldn't put the book down."

Just His Taste