A Barrum, Ks Romance

Book Cover: Mission of Christmas
Editions:ePub - First Edition

A Barrum, Ks Christmas Romance

Erica Jones doesn’t “do” Christmas, never has, never will.

For anyone who believes that everything is “merrier and brighter” during the holiday season, she has a news flash—it’s not any better. Just colder.

Andrew Hawkins has never had a bad Christmas, never understood his best friend’s aversion to it.

After all, it’s all about family and togetherness and faith, right? Instead, the faintest twinkle of tinsel or the whiff of evergreen sends Erica into self-imposed exile to watch the latest action movie.

Not this year. This year, Andrew is on a mission to find Erica’s Christmas spirit.

With him.

Even if he has to drag her, kicking and screaming.


“I hope you’re about done,” Erica said as they pulled into the Best Buy parking lot.

“This is the last one, I promise.” Andy climbed out, and Erica followed.

“You seriously are buying me lunch after this.”

“Anything you want, my dear.”

She raised her eyebrow at him, a strange look on her face.

Man, she’d heard that. He looked away, hoping she didn’t see the embarrassment. He’d sounded like a horny jock, and he wanted to kick himself.

He knew better than that. Erica was not one to be seduced by typical guy stuff. She wanted…

Hell, he wasn’t sure what she wanted exactly. But he needed to figure her out.
That was the weird thing about their relationship. They knew everything about each other, except how to be more than just friends.

Uncharted territory, and all that.

Well, not completely uncharted.


There was that time, back in high school, where they drank a little too much out at the lake…
They didn’t have sex or anything, though Andy would have jumped on that if Erica hadn’t held him back.

But they did make out. Kissing for almost two hours under the stars, hands groping, all those fumbling things kids did together when they got alone.


A good night.

Andy and Erica walked in the front door of the electronics store.

“What are you thinking about?” Erica asked him.

“Hanging out at the lake,” he said.

She let out a long sigh. “Yes, that would be awesome. Lake, hot warm sun, splashing water. Smores.” She got this big grin on her face.

“Beer. Stars. Campfires,” he added.

They glanced at each other, and he wondered if she remembered what he remembered.

Her cheeks went pink, and he knew she did.


Originally published by Samhain Publishing until January 2017. 


Mission of Christmas

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