Mythical Knights Boxed Set Part One

A Mythical Knights Boxed Set

Book Cover: Mythical Knights Boxed Set Part One
Editions:ePub: $ 6.99
ISBN: 9781540161147
Pages: 450
Kindle: $ 6.99
Pages: 450
Paperback: $ 17.99
Size: 6.00 x 9.00 in
Pages: 500


The Mythical Knights Series Boxed Set.

Part One.

Monsters lurk in the shadows, and the Immortal Knights Templar make sure they all behave.

Most of the time. 

This special boxed set includes the first three books, in chronological order, of the Mythical Knights Series. It's the way I intended them to be read, with each story building a little bit into the next.

First up:

Brightest Shadow -- This werewolf alpha doesn't know his place yet. Then he meets his mate. But will his human mate want to enter into a world darker than she ever imagined?

Dark Within -- This playboy werewolf never wanted a mate. But she might be too much, even for him.

Not a Gentleman's Christmas -- She thought she needed a gentleman to save her. Not a werewolf. She might be wrong about that.

Now available in PRINT

Reviews:Fillie de Review on Fillie's Reviews wrote:

Great start to a so far very fun series!

This boxed set contains the first three of the Mythical Knights Books,

Brightest Shadow

Dark Within

Not A Gentleman's Christmas


Full reading order of the Mythical Knights Series:

Brightest Shadow

Dark Within

Not a Gentleman's Christmas

Bravest Flame

Darker Cravings

Darkest Judgment

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