The Mythical Knights, Book 2.5

Book Cover: Not a Gentleman's Christmas

A Reynolds Werewolf family story. (Drigan Werewolf Cousins)

A gentleman would save her from her curse. He’s no gentleman.

Trapped by a djinn’s curse, Ruthie has spent the last seventy-five years unaging, never changing, in a box of recipes. This Christmas is her last chance to break the curse, or remain among the dusty papers and fading ink forever.

She assumes, when Lee opens the box, he’s there to help her escape the djinn’s magic. That’s what a gentleman would do, after all. Ruthie learns quickly that Lee is no gentleman, and his wolf-side is positively beastly.

And she might even like it.


“I’ll be damned,” Lee muttered as he picked up the painted metal box. He couldn’t remember the last time he saw that recipe box.

The frame was not completely aligned–dents where it had been hammered were visible, marring the paint.

He ran his fingers over the metal, tracing the painted pattern which had to be at least fifty years old. He was shocked most of the colors were still so vibrant. White with those fifties colors–mint green, turquoise, pinks and yellows. It probably cost nothing way back when his grandmother bought it, but what was inside was priceless…

The hinge was stiff as he raised the lid. Just opening it, he could almost feel Grandma–or rather, the energy that was always in her kitchen–surround him as he examined the contents.

There was always this vibe in Grandma’s kitchen when she cooked. She would laugh and talk, like she had a team of chefs in the room with her as she worked.


He’d always wondered if Grandma was drinking too much of the cooking wine, because only when she cook, she’d revert to being a twenty-year-old.

She’d always said the cooking brought out her youth.

Maybe that’s why Lee loved it–the cooking brought him back to a happier place. A younger place. A place where mates didn’t die.
Even after his hard day at work, having the little box in his hand made him want to cook.

He brushed off the thoughts as he examined what was in the box, or rather, what wasn’t. It housed a few of old recipe cards, stained around the edges, and in the back were blank cards, just as old looking, the paper having a bit of a yellowish tint.

He flipped through the section tabs and felt drawn to the cards, almost like a swish of air across his face.

The handwriting varied on the recipe cards. He smirked when he spotted his own blocky handwriting on couple he’d written for Grandma. Even some had been written by his sister, but the recipe was unable to be read, her handwriting so bad.

“Well, guess I won’t be using that one,” he muttered to himself.

“Which one?” came a woman’s voice.

Lee jumped.

There, standing in his living room, was the most beautiful woman he’d ever seen.

Well she would have been, if she wasn’t so translucent.


This book was initially published in November, 2015 in A Very Alpha Christmas anthology and hit #40 on USA TODAY bestseller list

Not a Gentleman’s Christmas

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