Out of the Tower

The Charming Fairy Tales, Book 1

Book Cover: Out of the Tower
Part of the The Charming Fairy Tales series:
Editions:Kindle: $ 3.99 USD
Pages: 329
ePub: $ 3.99 USD
ISBN: 9781536527384
Pages: 329
Paperback: $ 14.99 USD
ISBN: 1537392832
Size: 5.50 x 8.50 in
Pages: 329

The Charming Fairy Tales, Book 1

Sir Nicholas von Hohburg stumbles on a girl—an angel–singing high in a tower. A prisoner, trapped not only by her cruel mother, but by the long golden hair she has to braid and care for.

Her beauty astounds him, her fresh mind intrigues him.

But he also sees her prison, and he wants her free.

While Rapunzel would love to feel the grass between her toes and touch the bark of a tree, she knows she will never be able to. Her magical locks keep her trapped in the tower, regardless of how convincing her handsome new friend is.

Nick knows that he has only a small window of time to persuade Rapunzel to come down.

Yet he finds himself in an unusual position—needing to convince a woman to trust him. But certainly, Nick, a Charming Noble, could woo a peasant girl without any trouble.

But will he lose his heart to this lovely angel in the tower along the way?


Reviews:MidniteInk on Amazon wrote:

The story is beautifully written and holds your attention until the end. The characters are credible and spring to life with the eye-catching plot, quick-witted dialogue, gripping suspense, spine-chilling action, and breathtaking vivid scene descriptions. As a little girl Rapunzel was one of my favorite fairy tales and this adult tale is utterly delicious.

Kim on Amazon wrote:

If you enjoy fairy tales for adults and like a little angst and turmoil in your romance stories, you’ll definitely love this tale! I know I did.

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