The Mythicals Book 1

Book Cover: Saving Her Destiny
Part of the The Mythicals series:

Fairy-In-Distress team member Duncan Molar’s mission is as simple as it is desperate. Find his missing best friend, banshee Cara Wallace, before an assassin lights the magical fuse that will unlock her scream, wiping out the last merrow colony on earth.

Since the day he rescued her from a fishing net, the near-victim of her very first scream, they’ve been joined at the hip, he helping her with her telepathy, she helping him remember the beautiful side of being a fairy.

When he finds her, the crisis isn’t over, for the unreleased scream could kill her…unless he gets her to a remote location and figures out a way to release it safely. The solution blows them so far apart, Duncan’s back to square one. Doing whatever he has to—including sacrificing his job with the FID—in order to save her.

Because secretly, he’s been in love with her for a decade.

Warning: A determined fairy, a banshee-in-distress, and a djinn that will only make matters worse.


“You’re pulling me off Ava’s case for what?” Duncan asked. Or rather shouted, in the way a person would raise their voice without actually shouting.

Vander O’Leary, a thick barrel of a man, and the head of the Fairy In Distress unit, merely raised his eyebrow, and fluttered his wings in that condescending way.

And if someone would have told Duncan that a wing-flutter could be condescending, he would have thought they were crazy.

At least until he’d met O’Leary.

Duncan ground his teeth. “Sorry, sir.” This was crap—what he hated about the FID.

Reassignments happened so often it made Duncan’s head spin. He’d barely get an assignment tied up and he’d be reallocated to another problem. And sometimes, like today, he’d not even have the other job finished before being moved.


“You should be.” O’Leary flipped his wrist, and a small necklace appeared in his hand. Its gold medallion glittered in the light and was trimmed in a red woven string. “Here. You’ll need this.”

Duncan cringed. The last thing he wanted to do was go for an extended swim. A quick dive and swim was one thing, but having to go deep for a case? Ugh. “And you need me to do this, why? I have a case—”

“It’s Cara Wallace.”

Shock shot through Duncan. Panic. Worry. All those things and more he couldn’t articulate. Cara? “Is she—”

“We don’t know. She went missing while on duty.”

Duncan nodded. “I’ll find her.” She was one of his closest friends, and probably the most important person to him in the world. She ranked right up there with family. Yet it was a relationship very few knew about. Not even his brother Ewan knew about his banshee friend. If his brother knew, then his sister-in-law would know, and somehow she’d parlay that into a date for him, and that was not on Duncan’s agenda.

Cara was still just a kid.

At least from his perspective, anyway. Twenty-eight seemed awfully young to someone who was almost three hundred years old.

O’Leary made a grunting affirmation. “You best find her fast. She had a cry in her.”

Of course she did. She wouldn’t be on duty if there wasn’t a cry brewing inside her. Banshees didn’t just randomly get cries. Something bad was coming. And Cara’s cries were tuned to the Merrow Kingdom, where the mermaids lived under the island of Avalon.


Duncan gritted his teeth. “How long ago?”

“Approximately six hours.”

O’Leary held up, at first glance, what looked to be a thermometer. It wasn’t. It was Cara’s meter warning. Every banshee had one—a signal monitor that showed exactly how long they had until their cry came out. It was one of the FID’s backup TM—tech mixed with magic that helped the FID do their job.

For every banshee, there was a meter. Most banshees released their screams as soon as they came on, and their meters hardly ever moved out of the green zone.

Cara’s hovered in the greenish-yellow zone.

So less than twenty hours left. Duncan put the gold medallion around his neck. “Any idea of who would kidnap a banshee?” He clipped the meter onto one of the small hooks on his vest.

The boss shook his head. “Not a bright lad, anyway. If he be thinking he can control a banshee with a scream, he’d be a fool.”

“Or someone with a death wish,” Duncan said.

“Aye. That too.” O’Leary stood. “You’ll be working with The Brothers.”

Duncan grimaced. Great. Cara was missing, and now he had to find her with a bunch of self-important merrow. Could this get any worse? After all, he was in the middle of taking care of Avalynn Fay and her horribly screwed-up Fairy Godmother case. The whole thing was such a mess. Between the Fairy Godmother’s messed up file, Cupid—don’t get me started—and Ava’s improper attraction, he didn’t know which way was up in the damn case.

And now this.

An image came to mind of Cara Wallace—black hair, deep, dark eyes, the reddest lips he’d ever seen. And a dimple.

A banshee who had a dimple.

He had to find her. There was no way around it. He had to get his friend back and make sure she was safe.

He had to do it before that scream came out of her in the bad way.

Because his banshee with a dimple had to be saved.


Reviews:Christina on The Jeep Diva wrote:

"I have NEVER read about banshee or mermaids before, mix some fairies in there and after reading this, I WANT MORE!!!"

This book is a 2nd edition release. 

Saving Her Destiny