Slipping Away

The Charming Fairy Tales, Book 2

Book Cover: Slipping Away
Editions:Kindle: $ 4.99
Pages: 357
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ISBN: 9781386749714
Pages: 357
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ISBN: 1542620120
Size: 8.50 x 5.50 in
Pages: 357

Now officially titled Duke von Gruenewald, Penn finds himself master of a province on the brink of poverty, and he has no idea how he could possibly resurrect the once strong land. Turning to the one person who has never failed him, Penn asks his mother to come help him restore order.

When his mother arrives with a new, amber-eyed maid in tow, at first, Penn wonders if his mother is trying to liven up his new life at Gruenewald, tempting him with such a lovely lady.

But in truth, he doesn’t need such drama. Life remains dramatic enough with blackmail, secrets and treachery left behind by his cousin.

So why is Penn so distracted by the new maid?

Ana Dutetre is running away from her horrible step-mother, and her plan should get her out of her family’s snarling reach. Yet winding up at Gruenewald Castle shoves her in the worst possible predicament--people appreciate her.

Even the flirtatious young duke is pleased with her. Of course, he is handsome—there is no denying that.

But there’s more between them. Glances that last a moment longer than proper. A secret smile, shared only between them. And he speaks to her like her opinion is of value.

Her heart grows fonder by the day, but she knows better than to dally with nobility. Yet she entertains those very thoughts every time the duke glances her way.

Perhaps it is time for Ana to slip away, once again, so she’s not ensnared by something far worse than fear—love.

But this time, Penn is determined to catch her.

Publisher: Flirtation Publishing
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Reviews:Valerie on Amazon wrote:

"This was a very exciting and enchanting book. I love it!"

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