Summer Burns

Celestial Springs Salon, Book 1

Book Cover: Summer Burns
Part of the Celestial Springs Salon series:
Pages: 220
ISBN: 9781513095509
Pages: 220

The last thing military widow Summer Bettes wants in her life is a new man. Correction, a new military man, though they’re all over Barrum, Kansas.

She’s convinced herself she works hard enough between taking care of her daughter, trying to maintain control of her asthma, and styling hair in the salon her mother owns, she doesn’t need a man in the mix as well.

Then, Matthew Hennessey walks into her life–or rather, back into her life, she starts to question everything.

Her husband’s rival on the wrestling mat in high school, Hennessey knows who Summer is. Always has. And she always held a special place in his heart. So after serving with her husband overseas, it was only right that he pay his respects to the widow when he came back state-side. He only wants to do right by her.

Unfortunately his desires are eclipsing his logic, and doing right by Summer is harder than he thought.

Reviews:Smitten with Reading on Amazon wrote:

"Flat out...Matthew and Summer were just good together."

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