The Slave and the Merc

Book Cover: The Slave and the Merc
Part of the The Episodic Stories Collection series:

On Trinity Omega Prime, life is hard, when you're a Less, you have little choices to survive.

Being a concubine at Orain Moon had no advantages, not for anyone. Especially Charlie. Between the sex work and the regular beatings from her owner, Logan, there's little she can do.

So she watches out for the other concubines, and tries to keep them all safe.

Regardless of what it costs her.

Then she meets Kohlman.

And everything changes.


**Warning: Forced sexual encounters and rape**

Publisher: Flirtation Publishing
Imprint: Kindle Vella
Cover Artists:

This story will be released in August 2021, and will release 1-2 episodes a week upon release, until the story is done.

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