Guys and Godmothers Book 1

Book Cover: Under His Nose
Part of the Guys and Godmothers series:

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Christy is due for retirement from her fairy godmother gig, but she agrees to take one last case. Helping Roark Turner find his perfect girl shouldn’t be much of a challenge—after all, she is a veteran fairy godmother.

What makes this case interesting? She must use as little magic as possible to bring Roark his much-desired Happily Ever After.

Roark’s perfect match is his best friend Stephanie Bowers. It should be simple to bring two people together who have been best friends since kindergarten, and let their free will take its course. It probably would have been, too, if Cupid hadn’t started shooting arrows into Roark, forcing the mortal to fall in love.

Now Christy must use every skill at her command—just not her magic—to thwart Cupid’s meddling and get Roark and Stephanie together without changing their free will or ruining her perfect record. Or she’ll never get her own Happily Ever After.


Christy waved her wand and created a swirl of blue fog that slowly turned white before revealing a scene. Everyone clustered around the images spreading out before them.

A dark, rustic sports bar, with men sitting around a table.
“Well, the reason you’re still single, Roark my boy, is because you spend all day making perfumes.” William said, proudly displaying his white T-shirt, with Last Free Night on it. He sipped on his beer, grinning.

Lucky bastard, Roark thought. He was getting married tomorrow. Roark had always looked forward to the institution of marriage—he came from parents who actually loved each other, and were still married after thirty-eight years. And they were as much in love now as they were then.

Sadly, even Roark’s parents were starting to wonder which side he was playing for. Roark didn’t know why he just couldn’t get a date.

William might be on to something…


Bruce and Jason laughed at the barb. They had been friends as long as William—they all went to the same high school, wrestled on the same team, and had known each other for eternity.

“Every girl you meet thinks you’re gay,” Jason added, grinning over his bourbon.
Roark smirked. “But then they want to change me back.” He waggled his eyebrows.

While it was true—he did have his sexuality questioned at least once a month—he didn’t let it bother him. Because he wasn’t lying. He had women come around who really did want to see if he’d “flip” sides.

The guys had always made fun of his sensitive nose, but his acute sense made him a good deal of money. Figuring out what things worked with what—there was more science to it than they knew. And he put in a lot of hours making those smelly things.

What else did he have to do? It was his family’s legacy. They’d been making perfumes for almost a century. And Roark was born with “the nose” for it.

Bruce patted him on the shoulder. “If you start wearing an ascot and carrying a pipe, we will have an intervention.”

Roark laughed and glanced at William, feeling—not for the first time since his friend announced his wedding—a pang of jealousy. “So how did you wind up with the last amazing woman in town?”

“Got her on eBay,” William said with a grin. Roark and the others smirked. “Seriously, though, it was just luck.”

“Annie is amazing,” Jason added. “She puts up with your crap.”

“A good gal,” Bruce said. They all raised their beers—well, everyone who was drinking beer, anyway. Jason had a bourbon in his hand. They toasted.

“To Annie.”

“May she never know what an asshat you are,” Jason added.

Everyone laughed and clattered their glasses together again. “Here here!”

Roark sipped on his beer, watching William. The man had an air about him—and it wasn’t the new cologne he had on that Annie had bought from him, either. It was a…a swagger.

“I want that,” Roark muttered.

“What?” Bruce leaned closer, trying to see what Roark was seeing. “The bartender?”

“No, asshole.” Roark hit Bruce and gestured to William. “That.”

William raised his eyebrow. “You need to tell me something, Roark?”

Roark rolled his eyes. “The happiness. The swagger. I want that.”
“Don’t think he’s going to share Annie, douche,” Jason added.

“Naw, man, the happy. I want that for myself,” Roark said.

“Oh that,” Bruce said. “We all want that, right Jason?”

“Yeah.” Jason sipped on his bourbon. “Yeah. We all do.”


“You want us to take on men?” Ava asked, her rose-red wings fluttering.

Christy grinned. “Yes. And I just heard them ask for their HEA, didn’t you?”

“Sort of,” Lilly answered, ruffling her blonde curls, making more yellow magic dust flutter around her.

Christy shrugged. “They’re men. It counts.” She waved her blue wand again and all three men started to shift, their auras becoming more visible. “And there are our assignments.”

“Cool,” Ava said, gesturing to the one—Jason—who had lit up red like her. “I liked him.”

“Why?” Lilly asked, making the image bigger, staring at Bruce. She didn’t take her eyes off the man, checking him out from all angles, seriously studying her new charge.

“I like a man who brings bourbon to a beer party.”

Christy giggled at her friend and stared at her new charge.


A man who made perfumes. How interesting.

Reviews:Kristin on Bitten By Books wrote:

"Under His Nose is a light, fun, easy read. All of the characters are incredibly likable and the romance is sweet, tempered by just enough reality to make it believable...Under His Nose has a distinct voice-there is a wonderful sense of humor running throughout what is a sweet, fun, and thoroughly enjoyable romance."

Under His Nose

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