Vampires Don’t Fall In Love

Vampire Mythicals Book 4

Book Cover: Vampires Don't Fall In Love
Editions:Kindle: $ 3.99
ISBN: B08M62162F
Pages: 250
ePub: $ 3.99
ISBN: 9781393702696
Pages: 250

What she knows may save his people. Or destroy them.

Still depressed after the death of her best friend, Joanie Alekhine finds herself lost. Everything was changing, and she was caught in the middle, with no place to be.

Her boss doesn’t trust her to do the job.

Her friends treat her like she’s glass and will shatter at any moment.

And then the prince calls.

Prince Maksim needs help. And he knows of one person who can help him. As a dragon prince, he has duties to live up to for his clan.

Yet he’s not ready to marry and align his dwindling clan with another, stronger clan. His clan would lose everything if he did. But if he pretends to be involved with someone highly inappropriate, like a certain sexy female vampire, he should be able to postpone any obligations for a bit longer.

When Joanie agrees to return and be his fake lover, she thinks the change of scenery might help her mood. That, or the spying on the other dragon clans, to see what she can learn.

What she knows could change the dragon’s way of life.

Can she trust Maksim with her knowledge? Or will he take it and run?

Reviews:Testy on Testy's Words wrote:

So, this book is an amazing addition to the series!

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