Vampires Don’t Protect

Vampire Mythicals Book 2

Book Cover: Vampires Don't Protect
Part of the Vampire Mythicals series:

How bad off are you if you need protection from a vampire?

Vampires Don’t Protect,
Vampire Mythicals Book 2

So, she’s cute.

That doesn’t mean Isaac Malcomb should have to protect her.

Does it?

Yet that’s exactly what he’s doing. Protecting Amy, a nurse-slash-fairy at Jackstone Foundation. And she’s got big problems. Her friend was attacked, and she knows who did it.

Amy really shouldn’t think that Isaac is cute—he’s a vampire, after all. They are the scum of the mythical world. Maybe it’s that old psychosis of being attracted to her protector.

That’s a thing, right? Sure, it is. Because otherwise she’s got the hots for a vampire, and a fairy as old as she is should know better than that.

Yet she’s got a psycho-slash-mythical after her, and to save her friend, she has to stop him.


Guess she’s going to have to let a vampire protect her.


More information coming soon!

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