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Werewolves your thing?

Are you needing that Vampire Bite?

Looking for Love in the Stars?

How about some Modern, Fun Romance?

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Sci-Fi Romance

Gears and stars and Everything in between the galaxies

Fairy Tales with an Adult Twist

The Charming Fairy Tales, about three charming noblemen, with no desire to marry.

At least until they meet these ladies.

Series: The Charming Fairy Tales

Book Cover: Out of the Tower
Out of the Tower
Book Cover: Slipping Away
Slipping Away
Book Cover: Ending The Curse
Ending The Curse

Barrum, Ks Romances

Stand-Alone (mostly) romances that can be read in any order, but all set in the same little-ish midwestern town, called Barrum, Kansas.

So pull up a chair, grab a cuppa your favorite drink and dig in.

A few other short stories and series I’ve been a part of.

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