Time to share some more new releases from myself and my awesome friends. 
Of course, I gotta start with myself, because, yeah, it’s my blog. 

Bravest Flame, Mythical Knights book #1.5 released this week, and if you haven’t grabbed your copy of this super fast-paced, crazy story of curses, werewolves, and sheldevak, then you’d better get on that. Some questions get answered. More get brought up…

Get your copy:

Barnes and Noble

Now, for my friends:

First up, we have the lovely Tasha Black’s new release,
 Bait This


Next we have Tracey H. Kitts, 
For a bit more horror, the Bound by Blood Box Set


Then we also have Renee George’ A shade of Midnight
Book 4 in the Midnight Shifters Series

More info HERE

And last but not least, a new Quentin Black book is here!
I’m so excited!
Click for the other Quentin Black Series books

More info HERE 

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