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How is your summer going?

I’m staying pretty busy. Guess that’s good right? Means time’s flying by, right?

Suppose that also means I’ll have more stuff done.

Normally, that would be a great big “yeah right,” because my time management sucks.

However, I’m working on a new system. 

It’s called HB90 by Heart Breathings, designed by Sarra Cannon. It’s a planning system to help you set realistic goals for yourself, based on the monthly quarter. 

You can buy the course online if you want, and that works for you. And there’s a lot of options and extra stuff you can get that way. I chose to watch the Heart Breathing videos online on You Tube, and purchase the HB90 printables from Etsy. 

One of the nice things about the program is that it helps you look at your time realistically–something I have issue with. 

I tend to think “Oh, look, I have a year, I have 90 days. I have ___, that’s plenty of time!

Me — in my hyper, overestimating time self.

And then I don’t get it done, because I don’t think about things like day job, or cover art projects or admin stuff I’m wanting to get done, and then I wonder why I can’t get any writing done all day, because I’m busy doing 100 other things, and then I don’t accomplish anything.

So far, it’s given me clearer goals of what I want to do, and where I want to go. 

And funny thing, one of my goals? Something I never really put into words, but knew I wanted to do?

Take my family to Disney. 

Yeah. I didn’t realize it either.

But it’s a goal now. A thing I want to do, and I want to make happen.

And since I have this very visible, concrete goal, then I know what I have to do to make it happen. And it’s helping me figure out how to make it work, between my day job, my cover art design work, my kid’s job, and my son.

This is a new thing this summer–teenager, with job. Yeah, she now has her own money. Boo, she has no car, so Mom and Dad have to make sure she gets to work on time. Double Boo, she often has to work when I have to work, so figuring out how to adjust both our schedules to mesh together has been a challenge this summer.

So I’m wanting to do a lot more book things.

I am hoping to finish off some series, rework one book that needs an update, do some new, more on-point cover art for some of my books. (Not the Mythical Knights. They’re pretty. Others, though, are just not quite on par with what they are. And, no not the Guys and Godmothers.)

It’s a lot this summer, but I think I can do it. I’m already almost done with one project, so I’m happy about that. 

Hopefully it all works out like I plan.

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