Today has certainly been one of those days where I’ve been running around like a chicken with my head cut off, trying to catch up with the things I gotta get done.

I have some promo stuff I’m trying to get sorted and organized. (PSST — SALE on SUMMER BURNS and BRIGHTEST SHADOW) Which is always fun, because when I start doing that, then I see how much stuff I’m missing/messed up on/out of date listings, all the things…

So it’s extra fun doing promo things.


Trying to find balance between all the things that I have, all the things that I do, and still maintain sanity is hard, but I know I can do it. I’ve done it before, and I can do it again.

One of my kiddos is away for the week at camp, so I just have my older child, and for the most part she’s pretty self-sufficient, though I periodically have to go wake her up.

Such is life as a parent of a teenager.

Just one more thing I have to do. And we’re having company coming in a week, and after that, I’m going out of town. So yeah, busy, busy busy. Life and writing, and now that I’m doing book covers as well (Flirtation Designs) I’m always in the middle of doing something.

Though please don’t think I’m complaining, I’m not. Not at all. I’ve been working hard at new releases as well. I just got back a round of edits for Out of the Tower, coming out in September. You all are going to love it. My editor cried. Seriously.

So there’s a lot going on behind the scenes here.

If I seem kind of flaky, you’ll forgive me, right?

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