The Mythical Knights Series is an Iceberg

I have this pretty cool paranormal romance series, called The Mythical Knights.Lots of really cool covers.And even more really interesting stories.So I thought I’d run through them really quickly, giving a brief overview of the reading order, and the major

An Update on Bravest Flame, Mythical Knights Book #1.5

Hi everyone, I wanted to let you all know, that despite my best efforts in the last two months, Bravest Flame will not be releasing January 7th, as the pre-order on Amazon initially listed. I debated this long and hard,

Great Reviews for the new Mythical Knights Books

Dark Within and Brightest Shadow, new books in the Mythical Knights Series So the reviews are starting to come in for the Mythical Knights series. And it is GLORIOUS! For Brightest Shadow (12 5 Star Reviews, with overall average of

Awesome New Book Releases

Okay, so I haven’t done one of these in a while, but here’s some more new book releases: (Mine is first because this is my blog 🙂 ) Brightest ShadowMythical Knights book #0.5Now AvailableCan this werewolf find the light, while