Tis the season!

It’s time for Holiday shopping, and that worrisome panic that you’ve got NO TIME to get anything done for the holidays.

I’m in that mode–an ever-burning panic in the back of my mind, trying to figure out what to get everyone.

So I’m defaulting to my basic–gift cards. They’re easy. The person getting them gets exactly what they want, and I can set a hard budget, and don’t go over it.

I know there’s a lot of people who love getting gift cards–I am one of those people. I LOVE THEM. SERIOUSLY.

I have a Nook, and I love, love, love a Barnes and Noble gift card so I can get books whenever I want them. Heck, I’m the same way about an Amazon Gift Card. Again, love, love, love, because I have the Kindle app too. And yes, I love to read.

My husband, on the other hand, HATES gift cards. He thinks they’re a horrible gift–that there’s no thought involved in them at all. He’s a shopper, and likes to find that perfect item that when someone opens the package, they get all misty-eyed and excited over whatever the item is.

I get where he’s coming from, I do, and I respect it. But I also know when you go on quests like that, you tend to spend a lot more than you mean to when you’re shopping. And I have a habit–no, it’s a skill, really–to find the most expensive item possible to get for that person’s gift.

Some people say it’s not about the money, but the gesture. But for me, it’s always about the money, and not going over my budget. Because while I want to get nice things for people, I can’t always afford to get those things.

So where do you weigh in? Gift cards or Presents?

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