If you haven’t heard, Disney is doing a live action Cinderella movie.

And can we say I’m thrilled? I have always loved the Disney story of Cinderella–it was my favorite in childhood. My mother still tells stories about how I became a ‘party trick’ among her friends, because I could recite the entire book, including the voices my mom used when she read it, on command.

And evidently did.

To this day, Cinderella has always been a favorite story trope. Some of my favorite renditions? Well, let’s see — Ever After, with Drew Barrymore, A Cinderella Story, with Hilary Duff, and of course, the classic Disney cartoon.

It’s a tried and true trope, to be sure–the slave girl/servant who finds love with the titled man–Julia Quinn does it very well in An Offer From a Gentleman. It’s part of the Bridgerton Series, which I love, just in general, and highly recommend all 8 books.

I even tried my hand at a Cinderella retelling–a sequel to my short-lived fairy tale book, Rescuing Rapunzel. As of yet, nothing has come of the book, but someday, it will be available, I promise. (There was a whole trilogy there, and hopefully soon I’ll have news on the horizon about this series — three Charming Nobles, and the fairy tales damsels they find.)

I hope the new Cinderella movie winds up as good as the trailer portrays it to be. I know I was breathless as I watched it, and even teared up a bit when it was done.

This is certainly going on my “Must See” movie list.

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