Okay, no not really. 

I don’t set out to confuse readers, I want everyone to enjoy their reading experience.

But Candice, how can we when you’re books are all out of order??!!??

I know… 

Let me tell you a little story of the evolution of a book series. 

By Candice Gilmer.

Once upon a time, there was a publisher who’d created a short story collection. I was invited to join said collection, and write a short, fluff piece, with a Halloween theme, to put in this little collection. 

So I did.

Eventually that particular publisher wound up closing a few months after the initial publication. (This was pre-Goodreads, to give you a reference of how long ago it was). So I had this little story, and I didn’t know what to do with it. So I expanded the world, because, hey, it was fun, and I liked this whole idea of  Immortal Templar Knights policing the mythical population of the world.

Then a new publisher came along, and I sold the story to them. The editor who’d worked with me LURVED the story, the world, the whole idea that I’d framed in this super short story, and wanted me to do more. MORE MORE… She must have more!

So I did. I wrote two more books in the same world. 

And there those stories stayed, at least for a few years. Then that publisher and I parted ways. I was back to square one with my little series. I only had my toes into one publisher at that time–Samhain Publishing–and I was starting to connect with my new editor there, Holly. We understood each other, and she appreciated my rather, uh, conversational writing style. So I opted to give the little trio of paranormal romances to Holly, because I knew Holly would take good care of them at Samhain. 

By this time, self-publishing was starting to become a thing. And I was starting to dabble into that side of the business. With the help of some very savvy friends, and some serious market research, I started writing what have affectionately been named the “.5 stories.” I wrote a few, and they were fun and sweet.

And slipped in between the other stories, adding more to the worlds, and making it more than just a little trio of books. 

Then Samhain closed.

And I was given those books back. Those, plus other series of books were now mine again to do what I chose.

So I wanted to renumber them as they should have been numbered. 

Unfortunately, that has me re-releasing books 2, 4, and 5, while books 1 and 3 are still out there. Yes, the Mythical Knights series is kinda in pieces right now, but I’m working on it. Soon I’ll have it all sorted!

And in another series, book 1 is sitting on my harddrive, waiting to be re-released. Book 2’s out, and Book 3 is a Work In Progress. (Coming soon, promise) 

Everything feels really backwards, but I’m working forward as fast as I can. 


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