Because she’s one of my best friends ever, I have to jump in and party with her latest book, TAINTED, the follow-up to her book BROKEN that came out in January from Strange Chemistry

Now, for the beautiful cover!

Alex Franks believes the madness is behind them. With Ascension Labs under his direction and the forces threatening Emma’s life overcome, they have a chance at a normal life, and keeping his secrets safely buried.
But a shadow rises from Alex’s past, and she wants him back. Criminally brilliant, Hailey Westmore will stop at nothing to claim the boy she was meant to be with.
Without warning, Emma Gentry finds she cannot trust anything. Not her mind, her memory, not even herself. Tragic events and unexpected deaths stalk Alex and Emma, testing them in ways they would never imagine, and may not survive.
Alex carries a new secret, and a horrifying guilt that Hailey uses to her advantage. Emma’s life and sanity in the balance, and Alex may have created a monster…

Releasing October, 2013. For more information, check out the Strange Chemistry website

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