AKA: Quarter 1 (Q1) has ended with a Stay-At-Home order

My day job, when I’m not writing books and creating cover art for people online, is working in a salon part time.

Because of the nature of being a hairdresser, there’s no way to really stay away from people and not touch them and do the job. I knew that. I’d recognized that for a while. We were doing a lot of extra disinfecting and cleaning to make sure that everyone who came in didn’t spread anything, and were screening calls–telling clients who had even a sniffle not to come in. Just in case.

And I had concerns. We have a lot of elderly clients in the salon, and just one person, coming in, contagious and not knowing it, could give it to either one of those elderly clients, or worse, to us, and then we pass it to the clients, and depending on how busy we were, we could pass it to a LOT of people in a very short amount of time.

So it wasn’t really a surprise when my county decided to close all non-essential businesses, including salons and barber shops.

Am I bummed out?


Do I get it?


But do I have other things to do?

Good God, yes. I’m blessed with two other jobs, both of which I make money at. So, yes, I totally have a backup plan. And it allows me time to focus on the writing and the covers, and hopefully I can get my writing schedule back on track a little bit, because I’m SO BEHIND where I wanted to be by April.

Speaking of that — Vampires Don’t Protect, book 2 in the Vampire Mythicals series, is releasing TOMORROW.

Did I have lofty writing goals for Q1 this year? Probably

But I have SO MANY STORIES in my head you all! Vampire. Cyborgs. Even some Contemporary that might or might not be slightly based in my salon life.

I was enthusiastic. Ready to rock and roll. Until a little story I was working on wound up taking 5 months, when it was supposed to take no more than 2 to write. I’m going to spend I’m pretty sure most of Q2 working on catching up on the stories. And maybe, just maybe COVID-19 will help me, in that I won’t be working, and staying home for the next month.


The kids are here too.

Yeah. We’ll see how this goes.

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