A couple of years ago, for Christmas, I was given “Dolly” here, made custom for me by the amazing AE Rought as inspiration for a character I was working on. She has the pink hair and everything. I just need to find her a plaid mini skirt, and go-go-boots and we’ll be in business.

She is adorable, and she sits on my “desk” (read “kitchen table”) where I write, watching over me as I work.

Her story isn’t quite complete. I’m working on it. I’ve written several incantations of her story, but I’ve yet to come up with one I truly love. Until now.

And I really do like the story I’m working on right now.


Because my muses are evil, I tell you…

I have come up with this amazing story idea that’s incredibly different and very much something that has great potential.

Now I’m stuck in this weird place where I’m trying to work on two different books at once. Two completely different world, completely different story lines, two completely different shifts.

I don’t like doing this, I like to focus on one book at a time, but I’m having trouble with it.

Trying to do good time management. What I attempted yesterday, between running around like a nutter getting ready for the signing at the Ren Fair I’m going to be at on Saturday, I did some mental plotting for New Story. Not bad, but not great.

Meanwhile, I have my brain wrapping around Dolly’s story, because, well, there’s time travel involved, and I’m trying to figure out the consequences of the time travel. (I love time travel, but I also hate it, because it requires a LOT of mental hoops that sometimes only a 5 Hour Energy high can get me through.)

And I’m telling you, I think she gets mad at me when I’m not working on her story–she gives me these looks… It’s kinda freaky.

Or maybe that’s just the shadows across her face.

Who knows.

What do you do to better manage two tasks?

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