I’ve been thinking about this.

There’s been a lot going on, even though I’ve been home from my day, the last 2 months. And while it’s had it’s ups and downs for certain, for the most part it has been fairly decent.

There were days I wanted to strangle my kids. I’m sure there were days they wanted to run away from home.

But for the most part we’ve made it through.

I, as a hairdresser, will be returning to the salon in a week or so–with new, special rules, and all sorts of extra special proceedures that will make things different for a while. But it’s what we have to do.

I also, due to some craziness with my blood pressure, am working on losing weight. Let me say, I love food. Healthy food. Sickly sweet food. Chewy food. Crunchy food. I really don’t care, I’ll try about anything.

Except ghostpeppers. Keep them damn things away from me!

But besides that, I am an eater. There’s no doubt about it. And being at the computer 3/4 of the time I’m up and at it, leaves me very inactive, and that love of food has ballooned me up to larger than I have ever been–even bigger than I was through either of my pregnancies.

Probably why my blood pressure is all wonky. Now, we’ve stabilized it so far with meds–so don’t worry, and my doctor’s keeping a good eye on me. I get regular checkups, plus I check the blood pressure at home and keep it in a journal.

Okay, this was really an excuse to get a new mini Happy Planner. Hey. I don’t have a problem. I don’t… :::eyes the 8 planners of multiple styling sitting in my office::: Okay, maybe I do. But I am happy to have my planners. They help me keep my shit together, and give me places to be accountable for my stuff.

That’s my story. And that’s a whole other blog post.

No, I have a purpose for this post. I do.

A book one.

I made a decision in the middle of all this mess to put some books into Kindle Unlimited.

You know Kindle Unlimited, right? It’s the subscription program that Amazon has, for $10 a month you get to read as many–an unlimited number of books (hey, that’s where they get the name!)–on your Kindle for free. If you’re an avid reader, the program is certainly worth checking out. I mean, spend more than $10 a month on books, and it’s worth it. But hey, if you’ve never checked it out, look into it, you might like it. (And you don’t have to have a Kindle tablet to use it–you can read on the Kindle App on any device, including your phone.)

Anyway, it works differently for authors.

Most of the time, when an author sells a book, we get a percentage of the cover price, and split it with the vendors. In Kindle Unlimited, we don’t get that. We get paid by the page read. So as you turn the page, I make a 1/2 a cent or so. Whatever the magic number is–there’s a fancy formula that Amazon uses that no one knows, but everyone tries to guess what it is. It’s basically about 1/2 a cent a page turn. So if you pick up a 200 page story, and read it to the end, the author will get about a $1 for that book that you borrowed to read. Since, in Kindle Unlimited, you do have to give it back to get more, (I think the limit is like 10 at a time??? I can’t remember), it’s similar to a library thing.

There are lots of nitty-gritty details about how the program works for authors, but bottom line? We get paid when you read the book.

Well, what books are they, Candice? Tell us! 


There they are

Fantasy Girl | The Reluctant Prince | Mission of Christmas  | Summer Burns | Autumn Falls 

There’s a lot that goes into this decision to put these books in Kindle Unlimited, and honestly, I’ve went back and forth, but I figured that you all, the readers will let me know what you think of this. I hope it allows more of you to read more of my books, because, let’s face it, right now, we all need a little happy, romantic comedy.

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