(Warning, this post was inspired by me and Katrina Strauss having a fan girl discussion this morning)

A moment of swoony girl silence over “THE KISS.”  Yeah, it may have happened in 1981, but I still get chills over this. (And I wasn’t even a super huge Han/Leia fangirl. I was always a Luke girl myself.)

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, this is, of course, Star Wars.

And if you hadn’t heard, Good Old George Lucas has SOLD Star Wars and its universe to Disney.

As a fan girl, I have love for this, since, I mean everyone needs to retire, and George has had a great run, no doubt about it, but he’s willing to let someone else expand his vision, and that’s mighty generous. (I say this out of respect, because the writer in me would have a VERY HARD TIME letting go of a baby I created to let someone else play in my world. Especially one as all-encompassing as Star Wars.)

I bring all this up because Geek Tyrant (One of my fave sites ever!) posted an article about the new Spin off Star Wars movies — a Han Solo and a Boba Fett spin off movie. Now, it’s unclear yet whether or not Fett and Solo will be in the same movie, or if they will each get their own story. (I may not have stumbled across that tidbit yet, it could be out there…)

And I have very mixed feelings about that.

I’m nervous, because, I love the world created, and have even read a lot of the EU books (expanded universe–books written to accompany the movies). And unfortunately, when new people come in — I’m talking about you, producers of the Star Wars Clone Wars TV show–they can screw up the book series really badly. (Example — Karen Traviss’s Republic Commando series was completely “removed” from the SW world because the makers of the Clone Wars changed what a Mandalorian (Jango and Boba Fett) was. Still amazing, awesome books though. )

And I hate to see so many awesome books get “removed” because some guy with an idea decides, “oh, no, let’s change that. Make it this way.” and poof, another great book or books are completely removed from the story.

Also, I’m a bit of a purist. I love a decent romance subplot (though spare me the 10 minute sex scene, though)  in any action movie, but I’m going to have a very hard time, if they do a Han Solo movie and there’s another girl. (I think some of the EU books, set before ANH, have Han with a quasy-girlfriend, I have to go back and read to remember, though). It’ll be hard for me, if Han’s got a gal.

Of course, I had issues in the EU books, after Luke Skywalker met Mara Jade, and went on to sort of “date” Callista a couple of books later. Now, Luke did get his head on straight and marry Mara later (they had one kid, I think, Ben). But still…

Han needed the balance that Leia brought him. And Leia needed the recklessness that Han brought her. They were a good match.

I will have a hard time seeing him cozying up to any other woman in the Star Wars universe.

So this new stand-alone thing will be, complicated, for me.

Do you have any thoughts?

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