I have to admit, I would be what you might consider ‘a bit anal’ when it comes to spelling and grammar, especially on the internet.

I don’t care what you’re using–phone, laptop, tablet–with so many browsers with built in spell checker, there really is no reason to have horrible spelling online.

Or grammar.

Today, I was on a professional website, where I had signed up for some professional writer’s groups. I remember scanning the list of writers, and I thought most of the members were professionals, had published books, and all that.

Evidently, not even professional writers are expected to spell or have grammatically understandable sentences when posting online in forums.

Seriously, I had to read the topic beginning about five times before I could decipher what the poster was talking about.

Now, I’m not saying I haven’t had a typo or two million online, who hasn’t? But seriously, if you can’t formulate a sentence in a forum–especially when you want help with something–why would I bother even talking to you?

Does romantic authors are supposed to write books about making relationship becuase sometimes breaking away lead to new romance in life?

This is what I’m talking about. People can’t be bothered to learn the most basic grammar and spelling to make something make sense. Then they wonder why they have trouble selling a book.

Now, I’ve heard it all — this is the internet, grammar doesn’t count.

But I hate to break it to you, it really does. Because in a day and age where anyone, a potential customer (reader), a potential agent, editor, or boss of any kind, can do a search on your name, and pull up damn near everything out there about you in a moment, don’t you think you want to have a good impression out there?

If I was considering taking on a potential client, or even if I was a boss needing a new assistant, I would certainly consider their ability to spell basic words and make understandable sentences in their public postings. After all, if they cannot write a decent 1-2 sentences in a status update, or their blog post is full of typos and grammatical errors, would I really want them working for me? 

Doesn’t make the best advertisement. And that’s what so many of these social websites are about–advertising. Trying to get people’s attention. “Look at me. Pay attention to me!” Whether it’s because you want a ton of views on your latest video about how you can belch the alphabet, or if you want someone to buy your latest book, it’s still about the image you project. 

Anyway, this is just one of my pet peeves. And I’m not saying I’m not without sin–I’m sure there’s small typos all over Facebook or other media where I’ve screwed up. Heck, I’m sure this blog is littered with it, if one wanted to dig deep.

My biggest issue with this, what set me off, on this, though is the presentation–it’s a professional network for professional writers. You’d think you would want to have the most polished version of yourself out there, especially if you want to be considered professional too.

Some may call me old fashioned, but I don’t think so.

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