Dark Within and Brightest Shadow, new books in the Mythical Knights Series

So the reviews are starting to come in for the Mythical Knights series.

And it is GLORIOUS!

For Brightest Shadow (12 5 Star Reviews, with overall average of 4.7 out of 5) :

“I’m ready for more in this series because this first book was phenomenal. Neil next? He’s David’s brother…and he’s turned a bit reclusive. I can’t wait to see what his story reveals.” — Smitten With Reading 

Eva Millien says: “The author has created a fascinating new paranormal world with lots of sexy characters, interesting and unique elements and an intriguing setting that promises to be an exciting new place I will love to visit as I was completely ensnared by the story from the very beginning and I can’t wait to visit Liverly, Kansas again.”

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For Dark Within (8 5 Star Reviews, with an overall average of 4.7 Stars): 

“If you love Paranormal Romance, especially shifter series, then Dark Within is an intriguing, compelling, and charming story to sink your reading teeth into.” — Keeper Bookshelf 

“INCREDIBLE exhilarating well written read by a gifted author. The characters are convincing as well as praise-worthy. Marissa faces her haunting demons. Neil is a valiant hero and his unwavering devotion for Marissa shines like a dazzling star.” From Sherill (via Amazon

Pick up your copy here: Amazon | Nook | Kobo | iBooks 


I cannot express how joyous these amazing reviews make me feel. 

I know I’ve touched on this before, but I must mention it again–you write a story, and when you finish, especially after all the editing and tweaking and fiddling you do, by the time it’s over, you outright hate the book and figure no one else will like it either. 

So when I receive good reviews, I’m always so touched and thrilled over them. Especially the time taken by the reviewers tweeting/blogging/sharing/Facebooking and otherwise getting the word out about their review of my book. 

I truly have been overwhelmed and flabbergasted by the effort the reviewers put into their reviews, and every single post they do touches my heart, because I know that’s a lot of work. 

So thank you, you hard-working reviewers. Sometimes, I wonder if you have the harder job. 🙂 

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