For those of us who love to hold print in our hands, UNDER HIS NOSE and BEFORE HIS EYES are now in one print volume, called GUYS AND GODMOTHERS. 
Even Fairy Godmothers can make the wrong call, and have to ask for backup.
Under His Nose
Fairy Godmother Christy is due for retirement, but agrees to take one last case, even if she must use as little magic as possible.
Roark’s perfect match is his best friend Stephanie. Bringing these two together would have been simple if Cupid hadn’t shot an arrow into Roark, forcing the mortal to fall in love.
Now Christy must use every skill at her command to thwart Cupid’s meddling and get Roark and Stephanie together without changing their free will, or she’ll never get her own Happily Ever After. 
Before His Eyes
When Fairy Godmother Lilly gets her latest assignment, the rules lend her pause. She must bring two people together—using as little magic as possible.
Bruce Matthews has finally found someone who really gets him. There’s just one thing—he’s never actually seen her.
Much as Greta Vandecall yearns to meet her online prince charming, secrets force her to hide.
A steampunk convention seems to be the perfect way for the lovers to meet face-to-mask. But if Lilly fails, she’ll lose her fairy godmother status. For good.
Product Warnings
Magic, fairy godmothers, stupid decisions, a rambunctious god, and stubborn people who need a kick in the butt to see what’s obviously meant to be.

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